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Jacqui Jackboot Smith, she just don't get it.

Nope, not her fault so she claims. In fact she has been opening her rather large maw and rather than doing the sensible thing and shoving a kebab in it, has instead been complaining that she had been hard done by after being caught up in the expenses scandal.
Well fuck me, actually Jackboot don't as your ugly.

The woman really has no fucking shame what so ever, if she lived on some sink estate you could almost here the words "It's me rights innit." as she helps herself to some of Mr Patels corner shop fags and gets nicked by the police.

Jackboot admitted it was wrong of her to claim her broadband and televison package with taxpayer's money but said she though she didn't deserve to be called a thief.

Er, why not? Seriously if you take something that belongs to someone else, it is theft.

But no, she carries on moaning that she didn't deserve the attention she got during the scandal and that this eventually led to her resigning from the cabinet.

Did-not-fucking-deserve, oh come on. We have a story of dubious claims from the woman who was at the time the Home Sec. What did she think the media was going to do leave her be?

Then there were the porn films hubby watched and she claimed on expense, oh and that little scam involving living in the sisters bedroom and blagging a £100 grand plus in expenses. Her claiming that her main residence was a spare room in her sister's house, seems rather suspect.

Oh and get this, she seems to think that she deserves another slice of the taxpayer funded pie, an Jackboot who was one of the Blair's babes* in the 1997 election campaign, said she did not rule out running as a Labour party MP again.

Still the voters told her where to go. Then we have her porn films. Her apology to The Commons.

But wait, is this the same Jackboot who said when she thought she could play the sympathy card that she is a disgrace and doesn't deserve a peerage?

Previously send her some shit, Frankie Boyle on Jacqui SmithJackboot to be be suedThis comes just a short while after Anthony Weaver dropped his case due to lack of funds.

I said that she was in need of a boot in the chuff. Some previous on Jackboot, who has also been accused of looking the other way with regards torture of UK nationals.

A Mr Weaver was also seeking to take this evil woman to court for her crimes. All the while Jackboot kept on lurching from crisis to crisis, getting ever more authoritarian and planning a stasi police force for the UK.

And she has one fan at least: A woman in love with Jacqui Smith. Yet more DNA nonsense. Also on the kebab munching hoon, roll up for your kebab cards.

Ah, go on here are some more on this bovine faced, slack jawed, sagging uddered, inbred, dim witted authoritarian dickhead: another day another Jackboot... ID cards on high street, Jackboot backs cyclops, Smith humiliated by Europe. Taxi for Jacqui! an Jacqui the minister for being a cunt an here and here plus also working on the marriage anmocked in the USA an jacqui smith is a cunt as well as jacqui smith is a cunt and J Smith is a cunt also Jacqui Smith pays cleaner peanuts, Damian Greenhere be dragons, bathplug petition and go on give jacqui smith a kick in the cunt, Jacqui's the 2nd-biggist-cunt-in-world.

*Oh yes that Babe reference, well naturally she would be this sort of Babe.

1 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

She really does not get it, does she? Thick as shit and never up to the job as a Cabinet Minister, Smith and her onanist hubby were troughers of the highest order and should be in the dock with Morley and the rest of the thieving cunts.