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Oy Gordon! Yes you the mono eyed cuckoo sitting in No.10 (post 3)

Yell, throw your phones, bully staff, you have no right to be in No.10 Downing Street Gordon.
Gordon Brown exploded with rage at Nick Clegg when the Liberal Democrat leader suggested that the Prime Minister had no right to cling on to power after losing the Election.

The prospects of a Lib-Lab pact suffered a major setback after Mr Brown’s bad-tempered phone call, described as a ‘diatribe laced with threats’.

The row was disclosed after Mr Clegg held a secret face-to-face meeting with Tory leader David Cameron in Whitehall’s Admiralty House last night as they stepped up their bid to forge an historic deal between their two parties.

So what a surprise, a bullying MAOI popping unelected champagne socialist fuckwit throws his toys out the pram at the thought of losing the perks of power, what an utter cunt the man is. 

Let me make this very clear Gordon Brown is a cunt.

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Amusing Bunni said...

What a great video, Fido!

opsimath said...

You know the old saying - if you have something to say, say it - don't shilly-shally about!

Very funny - thanks for a laugh - there aren't many about at present, apart from you-know-who, the well-known c*nt!

banned said...

Brilliant stuf fido, I'm working on something similar at the moment and will crosspost this.