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When ever you feel down, think about this parasite removed from office.

Just think that this fat arsed bovine faced bint is no longer screwing the public for millions in expenses.
I wonder why she feels so sad? No more taxpayer perks, no more bathplugs on expenses, no more claiming her sisters bedroom is her abode.
Or maybe the shock has dawned as she realises that she will have to sleep at home and preform her marital duties with her taxpayer funded porn flick watcher of a husband. Mind I am not sure who I feel the more sorry for in that case?...

Actually fuck em' they are both cunts.
(or rather not as she really is ugly)

3 people have spoken:

Amusing Bunni said...

This does cheer one up, Fido.
I like how you have your daily motion video's
at the top of your site too, very cool!

Anonymous said...

Whats her severance bunce then?

Lightf00t said...

Now Michael Savage should be taken off her Banned in Brtain list.