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Tom Harris MP - My cunt of the year.

Hat Tip to reverse for the pic.

Tom Harris MP who I called my cunt of the year - earlier this year over his comments about how people were moaning and we were all doing so well  - has proven my point that he is a complete an utter cuntwaft of an MP with regards his reaction to being sent a copy of 1984. 

I shall re-cap at the end with some more fuckwittery by Mr Harris but for now will focus on his reactions at being sent a copy of 1984.

All the MP's have been sent a copy of this book as I detailed here.

He was rather dismissive of the book and Devil's Kitchen has done a rather wonderful fisk of the MP's reaction to this book: here

I rather enjoyed this part: 
We live in a democracy, and just because those - including my anonymous benefactor - who get excited about such things are unhappy that Labour is in power, that does not make us anything other than a democracy.

You total fuckwit. As you will see, come the fifth of November, every single MP will be receiving one fo these, irrespective of party. You are all as bad as each other, and we who can think for ourselves loathe the lot of you.
A look at Tom's blog showed that there has been a lot of comments made about him and his partys views, quite a lot of people rather miffed with Tom. 

I did do a post to his website and link to a little jolly video clip I knocked up in about 5 minutes - Sorry Tom is not worth more of my time than that the cunt - yet it appears not to have been posted? Strange that? Well maybe not it is Labour after all.

Also I did think of detailing a lot of comparisons between the book and New Labour, yet that has been done before many times so shall leave that. 

Anyway its re-cap time on Tom Harris MP. He made comments on his weblog some time back about how well we were all doing, live was just so spiffing and super. Tv's flying off the shelves of Tesco etc etc. Usual fucking political bullshit. 

Yet just a few months later we had the fiscal fucking shit storm called the "credit crunch" come and hit us one right in the nuts shortly after. 

Despite all the claims from Labour that its was all the Yanks fault, this was in part due to his parties inaction on excessive lending, his parties excessive spending and complete mismanagement of all things fiscal. 

Yet Tom shows no regret, he cares not a fucking jot.

Toms asshat comments on how we are all doing great can be found:

He stuck to his guns with regards his remarks:

Mr Harris has previous made my cunt list for MP's who signed the 42 days detention. The list of MP's who voted yes to 42 days(the cunt list)

Oh and for the year 2006/07, cunny boy Harris screwed the taxpayers - that's you and me - out of £153,862 in expenses on top of his undeserved salary for doing sod all.

He also voted for covering up MP's expenses Tom Harris MP shows himself up to be a cunt again.

Oh and the authoritarian little fucker also voted for ID cards, which shows the authoritarian little shit to be a total cunt of the first order. Shame on the Rt. Hon Tom Harris MP and cunt.

I dont normally have anything but complete and utter contempt for MP George Galloway but I found this comment with regards Tom Harris and fuck me I agree with it 100%
“No more loathsome piece of flotsam has floated to the surface of Scottish New Labour than the lumpen piece of wood that is Tom Harris.” - George Galloway.

3 people have spoken:

Late One said...

I love his quote, man.

"We live in a democracy, and just because those - including my anonymous benefactor - who get excited about such things are unhappy that Labour is in power, that does not make us anything other than a democracy."

As you and all your mates will soon discover, fucknuts. We're gonna democratise you into the ground, you party-of-the-workers-ignoring, roots-forgetting, stay-in-power-at-any-cost pisscranes. Hell, you'll be begging the Lib Dems for favours after the next election, I wouldn't bet on Labour even being able to mount a viable opposition.

Let's see how fond you are of democracy then.

Fidothedog said...

Agreed. Tom is a classic dig a fucking hole and then just dig deeper as the shit pours in MP.

Right thats me lot the pub awaits, beer to be drank and Murenger needs a visit,

IanPJ said...

In order to highlight the level of draconian legislation enacted by the Government in the past 10 years, The Libertarian Party UK launched a campaign to deliver a copy of 1984 to every MP, all 646 of them, on or about November 5th.

The book will be accompanied with a note saying that the book was written as a warning, not a blueprint.

Tom Harris MP received his copy early from an enthusiastic supporter of the campaign and made an error of judgement in shrugging it off with an arrogant dismissive posting on his blog.

You can see the Libertarian Party response to Tom Harris's posting here.

The list of laws and databases might surprise many of your readers.