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Homeless under New Labour: British and in a tent, whilst Afghani migrant scum lives in a million pound house.

The reality of life in Gordons "Cool Britannia", a homeless couple living in tent. 

No doubt many more people will be homeless under our Gordon's fairness plan, maybe we should name the tent citys that will be springing up Brownvilles...
A couple who have lived in a tent for two years have been told they will remain homeless for Christmas.
Karen and Richard Smith endure freezing nights as they sleep under canvas.
The Argus highlighted their case in November.
At the time they were hoping their housing list bid for a flat in Saltdean would be accepted – but they have discovered their bid has failed.
“We are just stuck at the moment. We haven’t been able to bid for the last six weeks, while we waited to see if we would get this flat. “It is a big disappointment.”
The couple have been forced to move from the cemetery opposite St Nicholas Church in Dyke Road, Brighton, where they were living when The Argus raised their case.
Karen said: “We had to move out of the graveyard.
“One night we got hassled. Kids were saying: ‘Set fire to their tent’ and ‘Burn them at the stake.’”
Karen and Richard, who survive on working tax credit and by selling the Big Issue, are struggling to pay a council tax bill they were sent for six weeks they spent in a temporary flat while Karen recovered from an operation earlier this year.

After waiting two years, they do not expect to be successful in finding a council flat in the immediate future.

 The state however produces its tractor production stats...

According to Brighton and Hove City Council, there were only ten people sleeping rough in the city in June.
But homelessness charities said the way council figures are collected meant they could reflect just a tenth of the real number.
Brighton and Hove City Counciltold The Argus the couple had been offered support. A spokeswoman said: “The couple have been supported by Brighton and Hove’s rough sleepers and street service team, operated by the Crime Reduction Initiative, for many months now and there is no need whatsoever for them to be spending Christmas in a tent.
“In fact, Mr and Mrs Smith have not been seen sleeping rough since they last appeared in The Argus.“Even though they are not residents of Brighton and Hove, Mr and Mrs Smith were offered a deposit for a private rented flat and were found accommodation in Crawley. Both were turned down.

“They were also advised that they could request a Community Care Act assessment for the purposes of the National Assistance Act, which also would have given them emergency shelter during the recent cold weather, but they did not take advantage of that either.”
However the people affected deny the accuracy of New Labour tractor production stats:

But Karen said: “That is the first time we have heard that we have been offered anything in Crawley. If they offered us help or temporary accommodation we would take it. Of course we would. We’re not stupid. They are just fobbing us off."

Remember citizens all is well in Gordons green and pleasant "Cool Britannia", after all he did save the World.

She even had the cunting nerve to say this about the local authority spunking money away like a sailor in a whorehouse:
“This is their problem. I don’t know why they pay so much.”

Because they are wasteful cunts is the answer and fucking hell this bitch should be on her hands and fucking knees blowing each and every taxpayer and thanking them for the privilege of shooting their load across her ungrateful face. Hell had she done some more blowing before we the taxpayers would not have to fund 7 kids (so far an I am sure that the number will increase) for God knows how many years. 

Were I a council tax payer in that authority I would be asking questions of the local councillors as to quite why so much taxpayer money is being pissed away on a woman with 7 kids in tow, who quite evidently could not keep her knees together for very long.

Hell she seems quite put out at people being annoyed at her getting all this for fuck all off the taxpayers whilst the rest of us get exactly fuck all as we either don't qualify or some other tick box fails when we ask.

She adds this fucking gem: 

“I can’t help it if the law says I should get paid that amount of money.”

Well the law is an ass, rather than tell her ass to keep your knees together and stop popping out babies and to fuck off to some bedsit hovel and a pittance, it keeps you in the lap of luxury at our expense.

Secondly yes you fucking can help it but choose not to. That option is the tough one, its called work. Yes the four letter word itself, the ultimate expletive to the feckless, the indolent, the lazy shiftless workshy Labour voting fucks.

But in a way Toorpakai Saindi has worked, she has whored herself as surely as if she had spread for payment for services rendered. 

She has worked at fucking each and every taxpayer in the land in that the place that hurts them the mos. Paying benefits to a shiftless fucker who believes it their God given right to take and take and take again. 

So she has worked hard at whoring her self to state benefits.

Yep its the old travel half way around the world and fuck me its a "free"- and I use the word free in a Gordon Brown use of the word - ie free for her as the rest of us daft taxpaying fuckers who drag ourselves to shitty jobs each day for it, that is what I mean by free - council house, meals for kids and no doubt Sky cunting TV thrown in as well.

As for her landlord, well he is taking money off thick council cunts who should know better so I can't blame him for seeing an opportunity but her and the council. 

Cunts, total cunts who I hate to see wasting my money.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.  


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