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Ray and Tracey Ramond - Benefit drawing, baby producing, I know my rights, Labour voting scum.

Some family of dole bum scroungers in Geordie Land are raking in over £39,000 in benefits. 

Yep £39 fucking grand for doing fuck all, well except for fucking and producing ever more babies for the state to pay for.

Yep Mrs Raymond has popped out some 9 babies for us all to pay for, but she can not work. Why not I hear you ask? 

Well one of the wee little ones has some "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" or something, anyway some social worker with pink glasses and an "Ology" in Social Sciences told her so and that is that. No work for her.

Oh an hubby is off with depression, although his depression is not having any adverse effects on his cock judging by the size of his state funded brood. Fuck me if they are paying that sort of money out to one an all, I might just dig out the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and start quoting Marvin the Paranoid android every five minutes.

Besides having some £39K in state aid, quite what the fuck has the cunt got to be depressed about? How about this Labour, pay me some £39K a year and I shall fucking be as happy as an Afghan plane hijacker, quit calling you all a bunch of cunts and enjoy doing fuck all every day of the year.

Despite her largess off of us she bleats:
'It's hard for us making ends meet, it really is. I try to cook healthy food for the kids and keep them looking presentable and the money just goes on food and clothes. Our two older children only want the best trainers because they're at school and don't want to get picked on so what can we do?
Well closing ones legs, using contraception and maybe working for a living might be a start?

In an average week, Mrs Ramond said she spent £250 on food, £100 on clothes and nappies, £55 on gas and electricity and £150 paying off catalogue bills and a loan. 

Although she is not paying when one gets down to it, we are. It is our taxes she is spending, also they have some cash spare for this lot:
The rest went on cigarettes, mobile phone bills and pocket money for the children. 
In all, the family received housing benefit, child benefit, child tax credit, carer's allowance and incapacity benefit. 

I am sure they will be voting for one Gordon "support the feckless" Brown.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

2 people have spoken:

Tractor Stats said...

If I were to be caught red handed by the police causing criminal damage to property I'd get a hefty fine at least, yet you think of the amount of damage Brown has caused to this country then he would be looking at 1000 life sentences at least if there were laws that applied to all of us.

Fidothedog said...

A simple solution: Gallows and rope. :-)