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James Gordon "Cyclops" Brown - lying over priority treatment for troops.

14 months ago this Labour government unveiled the expansion of National Health Service priority treatment to all returning soldiers. The care was intended to treat soldiers' injuries and ill health sustained as a result of active service. 

Now, Health Minister, Ben Bradshaw has admitted that the Department of Health has no idea if a single veteran has received priority treatment. In answer to a Parliamentary Question he said: "The Department does not collect information specific to veterans' access to the National Health Service, nor on how many receive priority treatment".
So there we have it another soundbite, right up there with "British jobs for British workers". Send the troops off, hound Dr David Kelly to death, provide crap equipment then lie over promises that they have no intention of keeping.

I will add that the Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw is a cunt who also voted for 42 days. Who on top of doing sod all trousered a cool £131,118 in expenses in 2006/07, being a champaigne socialist pays rather well methinks...
New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.


3 people have spoken:

The Scumbag said...

Brown hates the armed forces as they are run by "toffs" and he is an envious shite - no surprise that he is prepared to piss all over them for the millionth time

Fidothedog said...

the cunt must think the entire economy is run by toffs and he plans to beggar us all.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure communism has only killed 100 million? The figure seems far too low to me.