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John "2 Jags" Prescott I tell him to "Goforth and multiply"

Former Deputy PM John Prescott is on Facebook.

I see that a certain serial shagger, mangler of the English language and croquet player has reappeared on the political scene. He has a Facebook page and a new GOFORTH website that has some gremlins by all accounts.
Okay so he is on Facebook and he has a new website called Goforth, oh the opportunity's for parody are endless.

Oh and among the photo's on his Facebook page we had this gem, a cake with his face on the front of the "battlebus"...I do wonder quite how much of that ended up in the battle bus toilet?...
The fool even befriended me without checking my view on politics and himself :-()

So I decided to re post my old John Prescott video.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that in the feeling of universal love and friendship I also popped the link onto John Prescott's Facebook page.

Sadly me an John are no longer friends on Facebook.