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NO to ID Cards.

Whilst the economy collapses Gordon and his champagne swilling socialists are still talking about ID cards. 

The latest jape they have come up with is trying to remove all limits on the use of our private information by officials. This means taking your information from anywhere and passing it anywhere they like - including medical records, financial records, communications data, ID information.

Now lets just pause there for a second. They plan to dole out our information like giros to jihadists in Bradford, they must be joking. 

This from the same bunch of inept fucking clowns that lost some 30 million files in just 2 years.

The people who lose memory cards. Who can not build secure websites. When they hand it to contracters, the contractors then lose it, see also this example. A bunch so inept they can not even track cattle! Who can't keep it safe on military bases. And who lose it in transit somewhere? Who can't keep the computers safe from theft. Oh and who leave it strewn around like rubbish. See also this one where it was on a tip.

Some more here, here, here, here.

These where just the "few" examples that I stumbled across.

Then ministers claim that their mistakes are of no harm.

Well over to NO2ID.

 NO2ID comment:


NO2ID has been warning since at least 2006/7 about the stated intentions of government "to overcome current barriers to information sharing within the public sector". Now the Ministry of Justice has launched an extraordinary coup. It wants to convert the Data Protection Act into its exact opposite, into a means for any government department to obtain and use any information however it likes.

Hidden in the new Coroners and Justice Bill is one clause (cl.152) amending the Data Protection Act. It would allow ministers to make 'Information Sharing Orders', that can alter any Act of Parliament and cancel all rules of confidentiality in order to use information obtained for one purpose to be used for another.

This single clause is as grave a threat to privacy as the entire ID Scheme. Combine it with the index to your life formed by the planned National Identity Register and everything recorded about you anywhere could be accessible to any official body.

That is what we meant by "the database state". It is now a threat not a theory.

If you have any concerns about what the government is doing with your personal information —polls show that most people already do — then please tell your friends, family and colleagues about this.

To find out more, and what you can do to stop it, CLICK HERE.


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