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Ann Keen sued, accused of being lazy.

A gem of a story that warmed my heart
A Labour MP has become the first to be sued by a constituent for 'laziness'.

Health Minister Ann Keen - who has raked in £660,000 in taxpayer-funded expenses since 2001 - was taken to court over claims she snubbed a war veteran's pleas for help.

She was ordered to pay £15,000 in damages to 84-year-old John Taylor, who was badly wounded while fighting in Holland during the Second World War.

The front-bencher was accused of failing to represent the pensioner in his battle to clear his name after a miscarriage of justice 47 years ago.
Good on him. 

These lazy fuckers sorry Rt Hon. Members are quite happy to coin in a cushy wage, travel first class, claim all their bills back against expenses and blag a nice pension at the end of it. 

Throw in holidays that the rest of us can only dream of, a second home allowance and even £400 a month to cover food. 

The best of luck to Mr Taylor, I shall raise a glass to him later and maybe it might get a few more of our shiftless time serving MP's to actually do a full days work rather than issuing soundbites from party HQ.

So Labour MP Ann Keen has been fined £15,000 for being, well, a bit crap. At least that's what her local County Court clearly believes. The full background to the story is in the Evening Standard
Well maybe if they did some more work, that is fifty odd weeks a year like the rest of us rather than spend half the year fucking about abroad on holidays then they could avoid being taken to court.

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