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Who is lying Boris or James Gordon "cyclops" Brown?

My money is on Gordon telling porkies.
Boris Johnson's claim that Gordon Brown refused to sit alongside him at an official function has been dismissed as "categorically untrue" by Downing Street.

The London Mayor told a Commons committee that, at the Damilola Taylor memorial: "Gordon Brown decided it would be quite wrong for me to be sitting next to him, so I was moved somewhere else.”
He added it was his understanding the Prime Minister was: "appalled at the idea I might be sitting next to him". 
But the Prime Minister's spokesman dismissed the claim, insisting "It's categorically untrue".
Lets face it, being that fucking petty is the sort of thing that our dour PM would do. In between flying the flag the wrong way and pissing his pants.

A liar, a fat bloated waste of fucking human skin. Sitting in office casting blame around for problems he failed to solve and helped to create. 


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