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ASH - fake charity - calling for tv shows to kill off smoking characters.

God I hate these fake charities with a passion, the latest bit of shit from this lot is for TV characters to be killed off because they smoke.

The two smokers they want the characters they play to catch lung cancer so as to get the moralising message across to the great unwashed in TV land.
ANTI-smoking campaigners want soap chiefs to kill off cig-puffing characters Deirdre Barlow and Dot Cotton.

[ASH's (Quango employee funded by my sodding tax money)Amanda Sandford said] “For Dot and Deirdre to get something like lung cancer would have a massive effect on the audience. The Government should be leaning on shows like this.”
The duplicity of ASH really pisses me off, they claim to be a charity and yet get funding from the state via the Dept. of Health & The Welsh Assembly. In short they are pushing exactly (and being paid to do so) the same message as the government with regards smoking.

Again I shall call them a fake charity as - if they are funded by HM Govt departments, which according to their accounts they damn well are - receiving tax monies makes them a quango not a charity.

Also shame on The Star tabloid for just being a mouthpiece of these nannying quango types.

4 people have spoken:

All Seeing Eye said...

I've never had a cigarette in my life but it's shit like this which makes me want to start smoking just to piss them off.

Fidothedog said...

Yep as a non smoker I just hate the waste of cash.

Sue said...

I probably would have stopped smoking by now if I hadn't felt like I was being persecuted and bullied into it!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The only reason that I might consider stopping smoking would be to deny revenue to the exchequer.
Cinemas have never been the same since they cancelled the B&H ads.

Better that oaf Jonothan Toss died of a surfeit of smarm.