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JD Wetherspoon - Refuse service to soldiers.

Do you bit for Queen and country and Tim Martin's dire chav-palace chain of corporate fizzy larger suppliers to chavs, refuses to serve you. 

This is what happened to two soldiers who popped into a Wetherspoon chav palace for a well deserved pint...

From the Express also The Mirror
TWO Royal Marines were stopped from having a homecoming pint at their local after returning from the frontline in Afghanistan – when staff refused to recognise their military ID cards.
Dan Buchanan, 21, and Kelvin Billings, 22, were turned away at the Isambard Kingdom Brunel pub in Portsmouth when doormen said they didn’t look old enough.

They showed the cards – which included their pictures and dates of birth – but managers at the JD Wetherspoon pub insisted they were not an acceptable form of identification.

Lance Corporal Billings said: “It would have been our first pint since getting back.

“We’ve used our Marines ID all over the world and it’s never been turned down before. We’d been back a matter of hours after serving our country for five months. I’m going back for another two months next week.
“I’d seen a fair bit of action and just wanted a pint of Kronenbourg with my best mate. I couldn’t believe it when they wouldn’t let us in.
So they are quite happy to serve feral chavs, bar customers for daring to complain, dish up South American zebu bushmeat as steak and allow the social underclass to use their Mc'Beer chain as a creche for the young ones during the day; but serve soldiers? Seems the answer is no.

Still no doubt Mr Martins chain will make a big issue of apologising before barring these fine young men afterwards as per company policy....


3 people have spoken:

All Seeing Eye said...

With permission, TheEye is going to have some of this one! Not acceptable.

Fidothedog said...

Feel free, more people who avoid them for this the better.

The British Bird. said...

Thats disgusting. Im sorry to read that. I was born and raised in Reading, England, and have been here in the USA since 1989. It saddens me to see how much has changed in the UK, and how the normal way of life I remember has been turned upside down by the PC crowd, and those intent on taking over power, like the Muslims who seem to be imposing their will on everything. All because the PM hasnt got the balls to stand up and say NO? Sorry to rant, glad to find your page and will add you to mine so I can follow it.

The British Bird.