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The concept of innocent until proven guilty is dead under New Labour filth.

From Thisisnottingham and a hat tip to several who pointed this one out.
A MUM was fined for parking in a London bus lane – while she was collecting her children from school in Nottingham.

Michelle Keiller was shocked to receive a £120 fine with a picture of a white van bearing her Toyota estate car's registration number illegally parked in south-east London.

Now she has to prove her innocence or pay up.
Okay no re-read the above. Having commited no crime what so ever, the victim of crime has to prove to the state that she is not a criminal. No concept of justice, due process or the state having to prove a point, the victim has to prove they are not the guilty party.

It is now thanks to the champagne swilling socialist scum in power all logic and common sense has vanished from the legal system.
The 39-year-old mother-of-two from Whitemoor said: "I phoned my partner crying. It's scary, they're saying it's me but it's not.

"It's scary that someone's duplicated my number plate. It could have been more serious, like a robbery or something.

"I'm feeling really distressed that I've got to deal with all this, if it happens to an elderly person they might just go and pay it."

Miss Keiller was driving home after picking up her children from St Mary's Catholic Primary School in Hyson Green at about 3.45pm on January 29, when the van was issued with the ticket in London. Now she needs to send identification – and her car registration documents – to Lambeth Council, to prove that she does not own the van bearing her registration number.
After all rules are rules, she is on the computer and well as we all know computers and the highly trained independent thinking state employed staff who run them for local authories would never make a mistake right? 
"They're saying that I've got to deal with the phoning and the ringing but why should I? It's not my car.

"I'm feeling really distressed that I've got to deal with all this."

A spokesperson from Lambeth Council(left) said: "We share Miss Keiller's frustration but it is important she sends us the requested documentation as proof as soon as possible so we can look to cancel the ticket."
We would do it but fuck you it is not our problem is what a spokesperson from Lambeth Council meant to say.
Miss Keiller reported the incident to the DVLA and the police.

The DVLA said: "Vehicle cloning is something we've come across in the past, it's not as widespread as you think but is something that does happen.

"We are taking steps to try to stop this, we're working with the police to try to stamp this out."

By working with the police do they mean working or are they sitting in on a round of poker?

RIP concept of innocent until proven guilty, dead after 1000+ years thanks to champagne swilling Labour MP's.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

She had better pay up pronto or she'll have the bailiffs breaking in in to steal her stuff with the full weight of the law to restrain her while they do so.

Farewell Magna Carta & All That