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Eric Daniels - Uber Felchard at Lloyds TSB.

Eric Daniels, the Lloyds boss who waived a huge bonus payment for 2008, could receive a staggering £7million pay and bonus package for this year, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Mr Daniels, an American who is paid £1million a year, prompted astonishment earlier this week by insisting he was on a 'relatively modest salary' when grilled by MPs.

Perhaps to temper any public uproar, he said he would not take his £2.3million bonus for last year.
Well my message to Eric is this:

Oh really going to drop your bonus are you? Well that's jolly fucking nice of you mate, considering that for your modest salary you have royally fucked Lloyds Tsb. 

As of Feb 14th 2008, the share value had nosedived to 61.4p. Less than £1 pound.

An you think that despite fucking up the share price, you think you are worth your £960,000 salary? Which you describe as "relatively modest". For doing what exactly Eric?

Now Eric you may be classed as a "Non dom" meaning that the Polish cleaners who clean your house pay higher tax than you, you fucker -that is a status that you use to avoid paying tax on earnings made outside the UK. 

Like the rest of his staff, you Eric, will also be eligible for the standard bonus of 4 per cent of basic salary - which in his case adds up to another £40,000.

So yes you can drop your bonus, some nobelsse largess on your part.

But that aside, lets get back to what you have done to justify your large wedge of cash, have you provided a decent return for the shareholders? Turned a tidy profit? Hardly lets glance back through history here, in Sept. of 1999 the share price reached £1042.73.

From £10 to less than one. Today it is £00.64p, nice work Eric! Most of us in the real world would be collecting our P45 but this is banking where normal rules don't apply.

But ever the one to talk shyte Eric carries on defending the bonus payments in Britain's bailed-out banks. Eric thinks that it would be a violation' of the company's agreement with its staff to stop the payments. 

Really? Listen Eric mate. It was cuntmonkeys like yourself who through lending to folk who could not pay back monies owed, through over extending your banks assets, through piss poor trading fucked the value of the share price. 

Oh sure it took time, but the share price diving as you created a smoke an mirrors finance system based on debt came home to roost. Your just as gulity of that as the coward hiding in No.10 Downing Street.

Go on mate, blame the Yanks. Fucking dare you. Your company offered re-finance deals based on the pipe dream of credit based on ever rising house prices. You ran your own little UK based ENRON style empire.

Not only that but you ran out of money Eric. Had to go cap in hand to the government, that's me and other folk who have to live here and pay full fucking taxes you cuntmonkey. Had our "one eyed Scottish idiot" - © Jeremy Clarkson -of a PM, not used public funds you would be out of work.

So that would be no share option for you, no bonus for you and no job even for the Polish cleaners who polish your no doubt humble abode.

At least I and most people can balance our books each month, should we fail to do so we get fiscally arse raped by banks like your own with overdraft charges. But that is the real world Eric, something removed from yourself and other high flying wankers sorry bankers.

But that's not all Eric, whilst on your watch Lloyds was given a slap across the wrist for sanctions busting.
Details of the illicit transfers came to light on Friday when New York State and federal authorities announced that a large British bank had agreed to pay $350 million to settle accusations that it hadhelped the Iranian banks hide the transactions.

Lloyds ever the one to help out also offered its kindly help to The Sudan, famous for genocide and that bastion of liberalism and tolerance Libya.
So Eric was helping the axis of evil, what a nice chap you are. I could call you a cunt but did so before along with all the other directors of that sanctions busting organisation.

I am sure that Eric, you will hope to baffle MP's, true not a difficult prospect with some of the dull fuckers in the Commons. You will I am sure bleat on about how you "followed the rules" as laid down by the FSA. A rather toothless organisation filled with equally inept dickheads like your sanctions busting self Mr Daniels.

Best keep quiet about the sanctions busting though Eric. I won't mention that if you won't.

I shall finish with my words from a previous post, the FSA is incapable of regulating a bowel movement in a toilet.

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