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Jacqui Smith - talking shit on the BBC.

Jacqui Smith was on the Pravda sorry beloved BBC this morning spouting arse water about how all was well in the New Labour Soviet Rep. of Cool Britannia.

It was not the best start to the morning seeing the pea brained, dope smoking, kebab eating, bovine faced, slack jawed, fat arsed Home Sec. Jacqui Smith talking shyte on the telly.

I shall refer her to these:

 A nun mugged in broad daylight:
"An elderly nun dressed in her full habit was mugged in broad daylight.

Sister Lorna, 72, was just yards from the door of her convent when a thief ran up behind her and grabbed her handbag.

The mugger got away with only an umbrella and a bus timetable because his victim had hidden her purse – containing £12 for a church collection – in her habit."
And Statistics obtained by Chris Grayling show that there were 3,868,000 complaints of aggression, yobbishness and intimidation in England and Wales last year. 

Maybe she can spin these facts as well inbetween taking a police escort with her to go for a kebab...

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