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Clr Colin Rosenstiel speccy pen pushing ambulance stopping cunt.

Hat tip to Cynicaldragon

Just what fucking planet is this fucking cunt on? Never mind saving lives he is bleating about some cunting bylaw whining that rules are rules.

No doubt he is one of those people who eats tofu, reads The Grauniad an thinks George Monbiot and Polly Toynbee are fucking ace. 

I notice from the article that he rides a bike and no doubt carries out a full health & safety inspection from his check list before engaging in any journey an has one of those uber stupid cycling helmets in pink.

Odds on he is the person who believes that we all need higher taxes, more regulation and watching - although obviously its all for the common folk not responsible people like himself.

Read this and weep at the piss poor petty wankers who fill our town halls, the worthless rules are all quoting pen pushers who lack any common sense or human decency.
Liberal Democrat councillor Colin Rosenstiel stopped the vehicle as crews tried to reach an injured person at a summer festival on common land in Cambridge.

Mr Rosenstiel rode his bicycle into the path of the ambulance, blocking the entrance, and refused to budge because he claimed cars were not allowed on the grass.

The emergency crew eventually manoeuvred around him but, on leaving the ground, after they had treated the patient, he allegedly blocked their exit again by locking the gate.

Driver paramedic Cliff Austine, of the East of England Ambulance Service, summoned a nearby policeman who ordered the councillor to open it.

Mr Austine then made a formal complaint to the Standards Board for England, the watchdog for councillors' behaviour.

The Board found Mr Rosenstiel, who sits on Cambridge City Council, had failed to comply with the code of conduct and brought his office into disrepute.
Maybe he should consider joining the fascist New Labour party, as with his attitude he would I feel be far better suited to that party.

With an attitude like that I am sure that JD Wetherspoons the large corporate chav palace chain might be giving him a call to offer him a job on their customer relations team. 

Just think of all the happy times he could have dreaming up reasons to bar soldiers out for a quick pint.

3 people have spoken:

TractorStats said...

Shame the paramedics couldn't have given him a big syringe full of something deadly.

Fidothedog said...

I understand from a mate who used to be an ambulance man(should I say person in this day an age?) that the machine they use to restart hearts can be a deadly device if not use properly.

Although on him it would be proper use.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

So what will be the result of this finding by the Standards Board For England ?