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Koran on top shelf in libraries to appease moslems.

From the Daily Mail.(Left here is my Koran which will kept on a high shelf with all the other arse wipes...)
Librarians are being told to move the Bible to the top shelf to avoid giving offence to followers of Islam.

Muslims have complained of finding the Koran on lower shelves, saying it should be put above commonplace things.

So officials have responded with guidance, backed by ministers, that all holy books should be treated equally and go on the top shelf together.

This means that Christian works, which also have immense historical and literary value, will be kept out of the reach and sight of many readers.

The guidance was published by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, a quango answering to Culture Secretary Andy Burnham.

It said Muslims in Leicester had moved copies of the Koran to the top shelves of libraries, in keeping with the belief that the Koran is the all-important word of God.

The report said the city’s librarians consulted the Federation of Muslim Organisations and were advised that all religious texts should be kept on the top shelf.

‘This meant that no offence is caused, as the scriptures of all the major faiths are given respect in this way, but none is higher than any other,’ the guidance added.

Critics said such a move implied religious works should be treated as objects of veneration rather than as books to be read. Robert Whelan of the Civitas think-tank said:

‘Libraries and museums are not places of worship. They should not be run in accordance with particular religious beliefs. 

‘This is violating the principles of librarianship and it is part of an insidious trend.’ 

He said the principle that books should be available to everyone was established in Europe in the Middle Ages. 

‘One of the central planks of the Protestant Reformation was that everybody should have access to the Bible,’ he added. 

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute said: ‘It is disappointing if the policy of libraries is dictated by the practices of one group. 

‘It is particularly disappointing if this is done to put the scriptures beyond reach. 

‘I hope there will be a rethink. I understand that Muslims revere their own text, but in public libraries there should not be a policy of putting religious texts out of reach.’ 

So Labour decide to move all books, forgetting that we have a Christian heritage and to appease the Religion of Peace who become most un-peaceful when refused anything. 

Now part of the reason this has happened is that waste of human skin Andy Burnham is in charge of the nations libraries. A pc loon who during hard times pissed away some 60K on a meal for his pals.

He is the tool who came up with the piss poor plan to bring in age ratings for internet sites.

A typical commie he hates religion and stated that churches with low attendance could be turned into gyms, restaurants and multi-faith centres. His comments follow his suggestion earlier this month that libraries could benefit from being modernised with coffee bars and abolishing the silence rule. I covered this here

As a champagne swilling socialist pig, he voted to keep that lovely second home allowance for MP's. List of MPs who voted for this here.

Then there was his spreading tales about Shami Chakrabarti and David Davis: Link

Oh and he did the typical New Labour double standard thing of supporting post offices in his area then voting to close them. Typical for this prick.

Oh and he planned to give the kiddies some social engineering project of New Labour brainwashing called culture hour...(You can bet there would be no Christian or English history in that)

He cleared some £129,289 in expenses for the year 2006/07: Got to pay for all that champagne socialism...

Lastly he likes ID cards, the cunt. I bet the thought of petty officials demanding to see our papers gives him a boner.

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Oldrightie said...

I'd have put on the bottom of shelf so they could see it when kneeling to face East!

Fidothedog said...

Best placed in Poundland next to the other bog roll.