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Andy Burnham is a cunt.

Pic from zoooommm.
Just what the hell is Andy Burnham thinking of with this steaming load of arse gravy:Andy Burnham shows he is desperate for New Labour votes.

Internet sites could be given government-approved age ratings to prevent children accessing inappropriate material, a cabinet minister has suggested, in a move that is likely to trigger fears over web censorship.

There is much I could say but will hand it over to DK who sticks in the knife in Burnham and his piss poor plans here.

So lets look at some more reasons why New Labour MP Andy Burnham is such a fucking cunt:
1. First up this on how churches with low attendance could be turned into gyms, restaurants and multi-faith centres. His comments follow his suggestion earlier this month that libraries could benefit from being modernised with coffee bars and abolishing the silence rule. I covered this here
2. He voted to keep that lovely second home allowance for MP's. List of MPs who voted for this here.
3. Then there was his spreading tales about Shami Chakrabarti and David Davis: Link

Human rights campaigner Shami Chakrabarti hit back at Cabinet minister Andy Burnham for trying to "smear" her association with resigned MP David Davis.

Ms Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, demanded an apology and threatened legal action if the Culture Secretary continued "down the path of innuendo and attempted character assassination".

Her comments came after Mr Burnham suggested she had been "seduced" by the former shadow home secretary's opposition to 42-day pre-charge detention and that they had taken part in late night "heart-melting" phone calls.

....He went on to say he found something "very curious in the man who was - and still is I believe - an exponent of capital punishment, having late-night, hand-wringing, heart-melting phone calls with Shami Chakrabarti".

4. Does anyone else find it strange when he is concerned about the wee little kiddies seeing Abdul lop off someones head but he has no problem with voting for 42 days to detain folk for having a touch of the tar brush about them: Link
5. Then we have him supporting post offices in his area then voting to close them. And again Andy shows himself to be a cunt.
6. He comes up with something called culture hour...
7. He cleared some £129,289 in expenses for the year 2006/07: Link.
8. He likes ID cards, the cunt.
New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

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