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2 million unemployed.

2 million plus out of work, countless lives ruined, opportunities lost, houses repossessed, families split up and this worthless shower of shit that has the fucking nerve to call itself a government spends its time gazing at its navel.

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

This is the tip of the iceberg.

1.2 million employed by Government and off the dole numbers since 1997.

2.1 million off the dole figures and on to disability.

Almost 1.1 million into training and education programmes, mostly a waste and useless, that would otherwise be in the dole figures.

2 million? That's the figure they have shown us, and the media goes along with them.

Fidothedog said...

I did think about exposing the massaged figures, but fuck it that has been done a million times before.

Even using their figures its bad enough to rip them a new one.