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Priorities of New Labour socialist scum:

Compare and contrast the values of the worthless scum of New Labour lording it over the people of this land.

Firstly we have: 
Binyam Mohammed who was an illegal migrant, an asylum seeker and who was never granted citizenship.

He worked for a while as a janitor and then went to Pakistan 'to resolve some personal issues'. In other words to train to be a terrorist.
Our David Miliband MP, laid on a jet to bring back this chap from Club Gitmo at an estimated £250,000, an Ethiopian who has no legal ties to this nation.

MP's asking questions, flights laid on, more money than you can shake a stick at thrown at him. A place to live provided, benefits etc etc.

Then we have this on how the socialist scum of Labour ignore those who defended freedom.

A huge wave of support is gathering for D-Day veterans desperate to attend the 65th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

As revealed by the Daily Mail, the Government has shamefully decided to ignore the event, with no plans for ministers or the Royal Family to attend.

The Ministry of Defence has rejected requests for financial aid to survivors and says there will be no further official commemoration of D-Day until its centenary - when all those involved will be dead.

The Normandy Veterans' Association - which is to disband this year because its remaining members are mostly too frail to support events - approached the MoD for help last year, but was told no money was available.

Officials have even blocked the pensioners' plans for an official service of remembrance and thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey this summer.

This is on the bureaucratic grounds that the MoD supports official events only for 25th, 50th, 60th and 100th anniversaries.

Iraq war hero Col Tim Collins, who led the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment during the 2003 invasion and became famous for his stirring eve-of-battle speech, said: 'If it was a minority religious or ethnic group I imagine they would have had Government support long ago.

‘But British servicemen and women don't really appeal to Labour ministers.'

Tory defence spokesman Dr Liam Fox said: 'It is a strange set of priorities for a government that it can spend £16billion on a VAT cut, but is unwilling to help and honour its veterans.'

Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, a former Army commander, said: 'I'm very glad that we didn't choose to stay away from Normandy in 1944, like the Government is doing now. If we had chosen to not invade Normandy, we would have a Fuhrer now rather than a Queen.'

Major General Patrick Cordingley, who led Allied troops into Iraq during the First Gulf War, said: 'It's completely disgusting that ministers are ignoring this anniversary.

'This year is important as it's the last official trip that will be taken by the Normandy Veterans' Association. The Government should be pumping in money and effort.'

Military historian Correlli Barnett said: 'This is absolutely disgraceful and I hope that David Cameron and Nick Clegg turn up to the event to promote Britain and show up the Government.'

Falklands hero Simon Weston said: 'The government have committed billions saving the banks, so why can't they help the few remaining veterans travel to Normandy?'

So lets see God knows how many billions to bail out inept banks, still that will sort many of them out with directorships when they give up being an MP. Money to bribe moslems to vote Labour.
Money to bring back a medieval savage from Cuba, but not a penny for troops.


3 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

who was never granted citizenship.

Or residency.

Labour is never wrong, so they will not do anything about the vets.

Dazed and Confused said...

Every day yet more secrets seem spilled. Every day we come to realise what utter scum are at our helm. Every day draws closer to the final passing of this New Labour scum.

I do hope for Gordons sake that it's a wet Summer. because if not.....

Fidothedog said...

Dazed wet summer or not, I am sure that a bit of rain won't stop an irate mob from lynching the one eyed one up.