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New Labour paying moslems to vote their way.

From the Telegraph a report in how Labour are courting the votes of terror. I have cut sections out of this, the full article can be found on the link.

The duplicity of the champagne socialists of New Labour know no bounds, from the fawning platitudes of Peter Hughes the British Ambassador to North Korea through to the back door social enginneering of New Labour cuntmonkey Sir Liam Donaldson.

Now they seem to have even surpassed their low standards. They have paid money, some £90 million given to moslem groups to tackle extremism, no more quotes on the "War on Terror" and our dim witted Home Sec. believes that sitting down with a cuppa and some halal biscuits will make it all better.

Even terrorism has been rebranded as "Anti-Islamic activity." and the result? Not much:
Policy Exchange claimed that £90 million spent on fighting Islamic extremism had had the same effect of opening a window in a burning room.
They said:
Money had gone to groups influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jamaat e-Islami in Pakistan, a scheme which Policy Exchange compared to giving money to the BNP to fight fascism.
It gets surreal as shadow "communities minister" Paul Goodman has asked the Government where £70 million given to fight extremism had gone, and it appears the Government does not know. "We gave it to some bearded chap," they might as well have shrugged. "Seemed like a good egg. Kept on saying something about jihad".

It's hard to keep track of the money, for "fighting extremism" is big business, and there are lots of jobs for "community workers" in the King Minos' maze that is our state bureaucracy. There is one going with Reading right now, if you fancy £26,000 a year "working actively to tackle all forms of extremism that can lead to hatred and violence based on community identities". Simply look at the number of councils given money to prevent extremism. That's a hell of a lot of "resources". Maybe Britain's financial crisis is not as bad as the papers make out. Or look at this drivel from Liverpool council:

"A cohesive community is a community that is in a state of wellbeing, harmony and stability. Local authorities have an important role in facilitating community cohesion, by listening to communities, engaging residents and assisting interaction between communities."

In Luton the taxpayer has funded seven Muslim centres under a Home Office project called "Preventing Violent Extremism". The council has handed out £200,000, and another £400,000 has been set aside to capture the "hearts and minds"  of young Muslims.

Labour are pissing money away on the terrorist fifth column all this money gets them votes in the short term, the Labour Muslim vote went up from 38 per cent to up to 51 per cent, and considering the party was already fairly unpopular by this stage, it matters. This was with the Iraq war on.

But what is usually mildly irritating becomes dangerous when the people given the money and power are not crooks or womanisers but true believers. Labour's policy of buying Muslim votes has not benefited Muslims at all, but has given taxpayers' money and power to some very dangerous people, who have turned the mental gulf between Muslims and the rest of the society into a chasm. While even the Conservative party has now accepted the sexual revolution and thinks grammar schools are too reactionary, a large proportion of young Muslim men now believe in capital punishment – for homosexuality. Just four per cent believe homosexual acts to be "acceptable", compared to 26 per cent of Berlin Muslims.

Now the Government, embarrassed that its friends in the Muslim Council and elsewhere are not quite what they thought, has set a new list of conditions that Muslim groups must accept if there is to have dialogue i.e. money. They are missing the point completely. The problem is subsidy and sectarian bribery in itself, not whether the people receiving the money agree to begrudgingly mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

They miss just one vital point. Islam is a religion not a political movement. That difference will be the one that eventually kills off Labour and if we are not careful the very society we have here in the UK.

They do not want to deal with infidels, they want them dead or converted to Islam. 

They do not want votes for women, they want them silent, covered up in burka's and beaten to death if they bring dishonour on the man of the household. 

They do not want gay rights or lesbian rights, they believe they people have sinned and deserve to die.

They do not want democracy, they want a state of mullahs, immans and clerics dictating laws and rules under Sharia. 

More importantly they want this to apply to non moslems, for non moslems to pay the jizya tax as tribute, something that New Labour have started to the tune of £90 million quid.

They don't want drinking, they want those who drink to be flogged. 

Many in Labour know this, they just lack the guts to face up to the Islamist monster they have encouraged here in the UK.

Look at the banning of Geert Wilders and more importantly look at our PM abasing himself a only months ago before the Wannahabist leaders of Saudi Arabia after moslem coins. 

Judas only sold out Christ for 30 pieces of silver, Gordon has sold us out for Saudi oil money and looking the other way at their exporting of jihadist preachers.

Already Labour moslems plan a caliphate here in the UK...

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Goat humper, you already have a prime minister that shares your faith. The destruction of our country, if you can call that a faith

Cheeky Boy said...

Can't say as i'm bothered about homosexuals one way or either...although it does present our liberal 'elite' with a dilemma..they just don't get it.Islam is incompatible with Western notions of freedom,it's as plain as day.Government/EU response is to criminalise critism of Islam wile ignoring the Muslims hatred of our 'free' socity.Imagine,living in a society with no beer or bacon butties?unthinkable,Fuck sharia!