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Deva Kumarasiri bars people who can not speak English.

Well done that man! Link
An Asian postmaster has provoked the ire of race equality campaigners by banning customers from his branch who cannot speak English.

Deva Kumarasiri claims all immigrants in Britain should learn the language so they can communicate properly with others here and embrace British culture.

'If you come to Britain you have got to speak English,' said the father-of-two, who moved here himself 18 years ago.

'I am from a different country but when I came here I became British. My job is to give a service. I cannot give a service if they cannot tell me what they want.'

Mr Kumarasiri, 40, said he had banned about half a dozen customers from Sneinton Boulevard Post Office in Nottingham.

'Some of them say, "You are not British,"' he said. 'I keep telling them, "Don't come here or I am not going to help you."
Oh how the righteous are going to tie themselves up in knots over this one. They can hardly accuse him of racism as he is telling the shiftless who are happy to play dumb to pull their finger out and learn English.

He did it, made a living and quite rightly has little time for those who do not help themselves. 

Slowly but surely the goalposts are moving folks, the days of the looney lefties are nearly over. Another few years and the snot gobbler, his worthless shower of shit government and the eco loons, pc fuckwits and petty hitlers in councils will realise that their reign of terror is fucking over. 

Deva Kumarasiri I salute you!

7 people have spoken:

Cato said...

Two minds with but a single thought.
I've just blogged on this too.
BTW..like the blog

Old Bag said...

i am in agreement! if you dont speak the language, then fuck off back where you come from you cunt!.enough of this political correctness bollocks..line them up and shot 'em, thats what i say.

Fidothedog said...

Hell if I can take the damn time to learn their various forms of barbarous babble to tell them to fuck off, they can at least learn enough English to return the favour.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Good luck and Best Wishes to Mr Kumarasiri .
"It's not exactly a ban, he say" Glad to hear it because we don't like those.
It's up to them whether they take any notice - but if they want to live here in Britain, they should take notice.'

I for one would welcome Mr Kumarasiri and his family to my country, my club and my daughters' wedding.

Cheeky Boy said...

Yeah great....but still 400000 swarm into this country evey year...i don't give a toss what language they speak...20% of the poulation are of foreign descent..1/4 births are to foreigners...1/8 births are mixed race...talk about being a stranger in one's own land...what a total waste fighting two world wars!!

scunnert said...

Cheeky Boy says:

"400000 swarm into this country evey year"

CB - they authorities say 600,000 but admit it could be as high as a million - they don't really know.

Cheeky Boy said...

400,000 non-european officially. Of course doesn't include illegals. The Government always talks about 'net immigration' ,deducting the amount who leave from total,so they can come up with a figure of 166000 for 2007.They probabaly imagine they're all going to vote Labour.Should read the comments on this story in Daily Mail,talk about being blind.