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UKIP Save the pub campaign.

Yet another petition plus downloads etc from UKIP, who unlike Labour at least realise the complete mess that these champagne swilling socialist pigs have created.


Petition - Download and print this petition to collect signatures in your local pub.
Campaign Poster - Download and print this poster to display in your local pub.
Beermat Design - Over 150,000 of these beermats are currently being printed for use in pubs across the country.

Worthy of a mention, although the one eyed snot gobbling trouser pisser; our unelected PM James Gordon Brown will ignore it all.

Now that UKIP have stated they wish to help the pub trade, which despite pouring billions into the Chancellors pockets have had no help from HM Govt; we will see the fake charities which recieve their money through taxes set out to attack UKIP.

More can be found on the fake charities site, they are called fake charities for the simple reason that they are funded by the taxpayer via taxes.
So called Quango's/Charities designed to parrot HM Govt reports.

In particular watch out for an attack on UKIP from one Sir Liam Donaldson a health czar who I called a fucking cuntmonkey.

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