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Dr David Walker - Calls for tax on chocolate.

WTF? It would appear that some in the medical profession have far to much fucking time on their hands.

We need a heavy tax on chocolate to fight obesity, says doctor.

Oh really? So cured cancer yet? MS? Nope. Aids? Nope. So in my non medical view I think you lot need to start resolving those before worrying about a few chocs.

Look if you want to tax something, how about a nanny state tax on cuntfucker by busy bodies who stick their beak like noses into every aspect of our lives. 

Its quite simple really, if people sit about chowing choclate they get fat and then die. Same with fags, booze and maybe kebabs; maybe someone could ask Jacqui Smith if she is not to busy fiddling the old taxpayers.
CHOCOLATE should be taxed in the same way as alcohol to tackle the obesity crisis, Scottish doctors will be told next week.

Dr David Walker, a Lanarkshire GP, will warn many people eat their entire daily calorie requirement in chocolate, on top of their normal meals, raising rates of obesity and diabetes.

He said increasing the price of products containing chocolate would help reduce consumption and bring in more money which could be used by the NHS to deal with the health problems caused by obesity.
More money. Ye Gods bastard billions is poured into the NHS, yet we have a dimwitted government that actually rewards the indolent for piling on the pounds, sorry its kilos now. Look here is the proof Dr raise taxes.
Government figures released yesterday reveal that 2,130 individuals are claiming incapacity benefit as a direct result of obesity.
So you want to tax the majority for the actions of the indolent few? Then reward those same people classing being a fat lazy cunt as an "illness". 

The simple pour money at a problem has been tried and it fails. If people don't want to exercise, they won't.

Maybe the good Dr could offer some weight loss advice to foie gras PM James Gordon Brown, a dire man who despite being fat hates to be seen as fat by the media.

2 people have spoken:

MK said...

Here's an idea, instead of raising taxes and screwing over all, no matter that they don't abuse chocolate or booze, just make those that abuse the stuff pay for the consequences. A side benefit would also be that all these nannying scumbags won't have to come up with various ways to nanny and hector us around then.

Perhaps that's too much for them to handle.

Fidothedog said...

In a way I do hope that Labour do this, that way the people it will hit most will be those most likely to vote labour.

That is the fat, lardy benefit drawing folk of Merthyr Tydfil.