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EU tax grabbing.

HM Govt and the snot gobbler is getting very excited about the pressure being put on places hitherto out of the reach of Gordon's grasping hands - such as Switzerland.

Sure Gordon may be able to grab some of those Jewish gold teeth stashed away in bank vaults, but lets face it he is just desperately scraping about for spare change down the back of the proverbial sofa.

Any gains he gets will be wasted in paying interest payments on the national debt, or on HM government waste.

The folk who stash their loot away from Euro zone taxes will think its time to shift their money from the former Nazi gold stores in Switzerland. I am sure that they will soon be helping a boom in the financial centres of the Middle East.

Such liberal places as Jewish tennis player barring Dubai will be happy to take anyones ill gotten gains.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

Last week they made another move in attempting to grab funds from " dormant" bank accounts. Fucking robbers.