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Red Nose day - proping up the problems of Africa.

Pic from Saxontimes
They raise lots of cash, send it to Africa and it does no good what so ever.

African governments corrupt to the core will rake off large amounts of cash and goods.

A far better way would be to open up trade markets and allow free trade between Africa and Europe, remove the over expensive tariffs and trade barriers.

Oh and while we are at it, aside from Africans making money ensure that we send aid only to those nations that demonstrate a respect for democracy and free speech.

Yes I know with that referendum cancelling one eyed snot gobbler in No.10, we are in no position to dictate to Africa but it needs to be done. 

This will do far more to aid Africans than a once a year feel good party.

All feeding the poor does is take the strain off of dictators and despots like Gordon Brown sorry, Robert Mugabe. 

Should that happen then we would not need Comic Relief and sad and desperately unfunny "comedian" Lenny Henry can fuck off into a well deserved obsurity.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

Agreed, many of Africas problems would be solved if the EU abandoned its French Agricultural Policy.