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Free thought is a mental disorder.

The below is taken from Their Contempt for you is total
WTF and WTFx2
I feel ashamed to say I study at this shit hole.
A few quotes:
The Centre for Psycho-Social Studies at the University of the West of England is organising a major interdisciplinary event Facing Climate Change on this topic at UWE on 7 March 2009. Facing Climate Change is the first national conference to specifically explore 'climate change denial'.
Oh, Fuck you.

Meanwhile at the University of the West of England in Bristol this weekend, a conference of "eco-psychologists", led by a professor, are solemnly exploring the notion that "climate change denial" should be classified as a form of "mental disorder".
Oh, Fuck you.

Professor Paul Hoggett is helping to organise the conference, he said, "We will examine denial from a variety of different perspectives - as the product of addiction to consumption, as the outcome of diffusion of responsibility and the idea that someone else will sort it out and as the consequence of living in a perverse culture which encourages collusion, complacency, irresponsibility."

Oh, Fuck you.
Well said, never mind debate just class all those who oppose as lunatics and throw them away. Later on they can be extirminated under some New Labour eugenics law.

6 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

No denial here... nothing to see... now pass the Diazepam please.

subrosa said...

Where the hell is the university of west England? Now don't be smart in the reply I mean near which town is it :)

MK said...

The retort for each of those was well said.

Fidothedog said...

Its Bristol, just across the river from my home town.

Damon Lord said...

What a bunch of tree hugging hippie crap from a former poly. I know some people who studied and are studying there, and I am actually considering doing post-grad study there, but the place has gone down a bit now in my estimation.

Have you noticed, they don't call it global warming anymore? Not since things like the last few months of bollock-freezing cold hit the N. American and European continents, to buck the trend of a temperature rise.

The last few months I've been bloody freezing. Global warming? My arse.

wyvern said...

Fido, fuck off indeed, talk about the lunatics in charge of the asylum.
These fuckers are truly dangerous; they need to be stopped now.
Let’s face it they will not be satisfied, until they sacrifice everyone who knows how make fire.
Civilisation, destroyed before the altar of their neurotic, Gaia worshiping conscience.
They can then, happily munch lentils and freeze their arse off, until the human race dies off from terminal stupidity, about a week at most.
Those "eco-psychologists", eco-psychotics more like, should be studying cognitive dissonance instead.
The university is in Mogadishu East, otherwise known as Kerry McCarthy’s constituency in Bristol, figures, who would have guessed it.