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John Reid cashing in. New Labour champagne socialism in action.

Here we go again, another sleaze story: John Reid cashes in on Labour ties.

Former Defence Secretary John Reid faced fierce criticism yesterday as it emerged the world's largest security firm had won a huge contract from the Ministry of Defence weeks after taking him on as a consultant.

Mr Reid - who ran the MoD until May 2006 before resigning from the Cabinet while Home Secretary in June 2007 - was hired by G4S three months ago for £50,000 a year to offer 'strategic advice'.

This week, it was awarded a four-year contract to supply private security guards for around 200 MoD and military sites across Britain in a deal thought to be worth tens of millions of pounds.

While many former ministers have taken private-sector jobs, it is unusual for such a senior Government figure and sitting MP to work for a company so closely linked to their former department.

Opposition MPs last night said Mr Reid's earnings from G4S were 'totally inappropriate', while the Taxpayers' Alliance campaign group called for the rules governing employment for ex-ministers to be reviewed urgently.

G4S - the result of a merger between Group 4 and Securicor - holds lucrative contracts with several Government departments, including the MoD.

It hires out former Gurkhas as civilian trainers for British troops preparing for operations overseas, as well as providing private security guards for Government officials at home and abroad, running private prisons and immigration detention centres and operating tagging systems for criminals.

Securicor also had extensive contracts with the Home Office during Mr Reid's spell as Home Secretary, from 2006 to 2007.

G4S insisted yesterday that Mr Reid had played no part in winning the latest contract with the MoD.

Okay, they take him on as a consultant then win a huge contract and if as they claim that has nothing to do with their employment of him why did they hire him in the first place?

3 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

Perhaps they think that they've dumbed us down enough as not to ask any awkward questions of our glorious political elite.

Perhaps it's non of our business that an ex Commie should have all four trotters in the mud bath of a capitalist venture.

Perhaps they figure that now Lord Ahmed has managed to serve just a couple of weeks of easy stir for killing one of us, we are now just complete nonentities to use and abuse as they deem necessary.

Or perhaps they're all now just running scared, knowing that their glorious one eyed Comrade, has fucked their lives up completely and for many Years to come.

Fidothedog said...

Oh yes, when this shower get out of power all their sleaze will be exposed.

The huge pile we have is just the tip of a New Labour shit iceberg.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"This week, it was awarded a four-year contract to supply private security guards for around 200 MoD and military sites"

In the same week that these glorified bouncers failed to protect our soldiers in Northern Ireland ?