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Paul Flynn MP fails to understand the internet.

A hat tip to The Cynical Dragon for the latest stupidity from ancient past his sell by date MP Paul Flynn(Labour).
Local lying MP Paul Flynn - he lost a libel case as his wikipedia page shows.- has been boasting about the number of hits that crap webshyte Aneurin Glyndwr is getting 

He crows "The new website Aneurin Glyndwr is off to a triumphant start with 9,000 hits in the first day.

Well so what? Mostly due to a fucking piss poor song and lots of internet mockery on the part of bloggers Plus if you have the perma tanned twat Peter Hain lording it to the high heavens on the telly box then people will take a look.

I wonder if he will be crowing about its stats in six months time?

Still that's a lot more than the 2000 hits or so a week Mr Flynn gets. And no I won't link to Flynn as I will not help boost his stats.

He stated that figure in some fluff circular he put out at taxpayers expense the other week.

Maybe he could also boast of the thousand of hits the spam forums on Labour 2020 get next?

Still what can we expect from a proven liar who hates farmers and jokes about their suicides.

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