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Sir Fred Goodwin and his vanishing pension.

According to the Torygraph:
The Government is prepared to change the law to strip former RBS chief Sir Fred Goodwin of his £650,000-a-year pension, Commons Leader Harriet Harman has hinted. Ms Harman said the payout was “money for nothing” and vowed that the ex-Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive would not end up with the cash even if his retirement deal proved legally watertight.
So lets see, Sir Fred has a contract and when all was going well everyone is happy with his terms of that contract. Now that the bank has failed and had to be bailed out, suddenly the government has decided to try to grab his contracted money back.
What I would be asking is when we consider that the banks followed the advise of lax control for years - that was one James Gordon Brown - and failed in part due to his mismanagement can we not make a case for the removal of Gordon's pension as well?
If a contract can be torn up by this government what else are they capable of? I am sure that anyone who has business with this government must be asking themselves if they will face their contracts being torn up should things go wrong?
What Harperson and Labour are saying is that the rule of law, legal contracts no longer matter if they decide that is the case and they will play up to a baying mob of reporters without the brains to realise the illegality of it.
This is the sort of thing third world African juntas get upto.
Harperson came up with this utter cuntwaffle

The sum was unacceptable in "the court of public opinion," she told the BBC, and the government "would step in".
You what? Court of public opinion is it? Well I wonder how highly your mono eyed leader stands in the court of public opinion? Not very, he tends to avoid elections and votes on Europe. Tell you what Harperson if you think that is the way to do things, then lets just close down Parliament.
After all what is the point of passing laws when you can just over ride the system. Hell you just know that 300 hundred years ago fuckers like Harperson would be cooking catholics over a pyre. After all can't really argue with public opinion now can we?...
But seriously they claim to care about public opinion? Labour? So what about the public opinion that demonstrated against Iraq, or petrol price rises or the hunting ban, or the smoking ban come to that.

Maybe they would care to take note of public opinion on ID cards, yes I know the bovine faced slack jawed expense fiddling Home Sec. thinks we are all desperate to be tagged like beef cattle but she is seriously deluded.

Then we have mass CCTV surveillance, councils using state snooping laws on bin crime, no asking the mob there. Hell maybe the bottler if he cared a flying fuck about public opinion would have done the decent thing with a bottle of whisky and a service revolver. Still time Gordon.

Then we have tax rises, it would be nice to be asked on what we are going to be taxed and can anyone see public opinion being asked on the 100+ stealth taxes, the EU mandates coming onto our statute books or the 3000+ bits of legalese that Labour have dumped on us.

Hell if they cared about opinion they would call an election now, rather than drag this dead corpse of a government on for God knows how long.

But seriously I welcome Harparson calling on the mob. Others before her with a lot more intelligence did that, they ran an Empire for the best part of 1000 years and even that ended in tears. The last emperor was quietly removed from office and so called barbarians closed down the games of murder held by the civilized Romans.

Over taxed, over regulated and oppressed the people of Rome left and the so called barbarians took over with hardly a battle.
Getting back to today Harperson and her ilk will be blamed, they sat by whilst our economy was run down. Even fucking Nero at his worst was not as inept as Brown. The house prices are down, the companies closing and the stock markets in a slump.

Billions wasted and Gordon seeks to pass the blame, the cries about Sir Fred and his huge pension is smoke and mirrors. Even if they take it away, so what the problems caused by Gordon and his policies are still there, the huge deficit, the overstaffed unproductive public sector, the quangos, over regulation. All of it.

We hear today that help will be given to minorities and special interest groups in this recession, brilliant move Gordon. Seriously if anything was designed to seriously piss off the working person who has just got his P45 off the boss, its knowing he or she is at the back of the line for help. Thats handed a whole raft of new voters to other parties.

The mob realising that the pleasure of taking Freds pension has not helped them, will turn on Gordon, they will demand more, we can hope it ends with Gordon hanging from outside No.10 from a piano wire noose.
If anyone deserves to lose their pensions its Labour MP's.


5 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

It's all smoke and mirrors to successfully hide the failure of the bank bailout. it seems to be working a treat.

Anonymous said...

"court of public opinion"

AKA the mob.

Look out Harpie, my mob might be bigger than your mob!

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that Gordon Brown and his senior ministers, Fred Goodwin and the other three should be charged with high treason and all assets frozen then used to bail out the banks they ruined.

Fidothedog said...

Anon agreed but with regards the importance of the crimes Gordo should be tried first.

Oh and then axe Gordon's pension, after all mob rule and all that.

Houdini said...

Brown, that fat cunt Prescott and many others, like Alistair Campbell, have pension pots worth millions pad for by the taxpayer, but these fuckers won't give them up despite fucking the country up.

Smith, Cooper, Balls, Martin etc. etc. all cry that the money the fuckers fiddled was done legally and as part of their entitlement..so what is the difference?

He had a contract and should get the money. What law might they change next? The law and rule that says they need to have an election by June 2010?

It is all a sideshow to avert the public gaze away from the failings of this Government, and why aren't those useless fuckers the Tories saying so?