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Arrested for handing in lost property to police.

Maybe the police have been given orders to get everyone on the DNA database by Jackbook Home Sex, sorry Sec. Jacqui Smith?....A college student who found a mobile phone while out celebrating his 18th birthday was arrested after handing it in to police.

Teenager Paul Leicester was arrested for 'theft by finding' and detained for four hours.

The Southport College A-level student eventually had the case against him withdrawn but said it was a 'shocking experience'.

Paul said: 'Being arrested isn't a way to celebrate your 18th birthday. What are you supposed to do when you find a phone? I told the last caller I would drop it off at the police station the next day. But they arrested me for theft by finding.'

The teenager was kept by Merseyside Police in Southport police station for four hours and had his fingerprints taken, along with a DNA swab and a photo for police records.

Officers then grilled him for 15 minutes about the alleged 'theft'.

Paul, who is of good character, has a Saturday job at a jewellers and is held in high regard by his teachers....

**Policing in the New Cool Britannia created by New Labour, for more of this remember to vote for the New Labour communists.

2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Not even shocking anymore; Paul may have been pressured into not wanting to make a formal complaint but has he made sure that the police destroy his fingerprints, DNA sample and photograph ( though the fact that he has been arrested will be available to


and will affect his employability for the forseeable future ).

Fidothedog said...

Very true, still sooner that the dire Labour scum are consigned to the ash bin of history the better.