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Wankergate - Mr Jacqui Smith barred from her bed(lucky chap)

And even more amusing stuff has emerged over at the Torygraph,
Trying to be helpful to their boss, sources close to the Home Secretary (presumably spin-doctors) let it be known in the midst of the melee yesterday that she is furious with her husband. He has been banished from the marital bed, one told the BBC, the Daily Telegraph and others. "He's sleeping on the sofa".

Right maybe not the best idea that, as Jackboot Jackie Smith not keeping an eye on him and depending on who you believe her not checking her expenses or just running them through an pulling a fast one; is how all this started.

That and her husbands taste for grumble flicks on Virgin Media wankovison whilst she was not about!

So no more Jacqui in the marital bed and lots of time for Jizz movies, might be worth checking next years expenses to see if our Home Sec. has claimed for thousands of pounds worth of tissues and/or paper towels.

Besides how is she to keep an eye on him when she is at her sisters house or down that kebab shop in Peckham?

In my view being relegated to the sofa would be the silver lining on this particular cloud.

6 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

I don't believe a word the fuckers say. She was watching the films too and they are trying to brazen it out.

Anonymous said...

I'd sooner sleep in a pigsty,rather than share a bed with Jackboots.

Anonymous said...

When is the supposed list of all expenses being touted to the press for £300K going to surface?

Would be interesting to see the perversions that the rest of the westminster lot are up to.

Fidothedog said...

Well I hear that have the rent boys have changed their name to "John Lewis" so that they can go on the expenses of Labour MP's.

Old Bag said...

so he's sleeping on the sofa, huh?..all within hands reach of the tv, the remote and some tissues.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Re the elderly chap who was fined £100 for smoking in his hotel room, what would they fine Mr. Jacqui Smith for spunking all over the carpet ?