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bansturbation: Caribbean takeaway closed down for opening too close to schools

One for the you could not make it up files....The hit squad had prepared their raid long in advance.

At 10am eight police officers, some in anti-stab vests, joined three council employees on the doorstep of the Bamboo Joint takeaway.

Their mission? To stamp out the practice of selling jerk chicken within 400 metres of a secondary school.

Yesterday, the Jamaican cafe in Leytonstone, East London, became the first takeaway in the country to be given a closure order under guidelines banning the sale of fast food near educational establishments.

Its owners were given three days to shut up shop.

They were informed by Waltham Forest Council that their small premises, on a busy high street, was not only within 400 metres of a secondary school but also within 200 metres of a primary school and 100 metres from a public park.

The action is intended to combat child obesity by reducing the number of shops selling unhealthy fast food near schools and parks.

Co-owner Maureen Farrell, who opened the Bamboo Joint six weeks ago, said she felt she was being victimised by a council which was acting 'completely over the top'.

'They told us that it's because we are too near a school, but this street is full of takeaways selling fish and chips and burgers.

'It's ridiculous. They just arrived here this morning and told us they were shutting us down. It looks like we are terrorists or something.

'But all we are doing is selling good food. It's not even unhealthy. We sell Jamaican-style rice and peas, and jerk chicken.

'It is not greasy stuff. And we hardly have any schoolchildren in here at all.'

The bylaw was introduced by Labour-dominated Waltham Forest in March and applies only to those takeaways yet to receive planning permission.

It prevents them from opening close to one another and puts a limit on the total number in the borough's town centres.

The fast food ban has not been adopted nationwide but its progress is being monitored by other local authorities who could copy it.
Council leader Clyde Loakes said: 'This fast food outlet has not got planning permission and has absolutely no chance of getting it, because of its proximity to a park and a school, so we're closing it down.

'A lot of fast food outlets do their business with schoolchildren, in competition with the healthy schools agenda. We have a responsibility to look beyond the next year or two to the health of our children and young people.'

The Metropolitan Police was unable to explain why it had such a strong presence in the raid.

A serious WTF is going on in this nation. You open a shop and I can bet you as much as you please that the same Labour filth dominated council was quite happy to take the shops business rates.

I can also bet you that they wont be returning a penny of that money.

Now I don't know quite how many Jamaican folk live near that shop and make use of it, but I would guess a goodly number as they have a market, or rather had a market cornered supplying food to them.

Would it not be a fine idea if each and every one of them told these tedious banning folk who get a bulge in their pants at pushing the voters about to take a flying fuck and not vote for the Labour scum in the next election.

As for the large number of plod out to enforce the notice, quite what did they assume was going to happen. Maybe they have nothing better to do as the local fishermen had already been arrested, or maybe they had an hour to kill before the next poker game? Although I am sure they carried out their duties in the correct "PC" terms...

I will explain as the local pea brain at The Met. seemed unable as to the number of plod there. It is to display power, power of the state over the individual. Few people will speak up against some over zealous official with a bulge in his pants when backed up with several police. In turn the police have the smug self righteous feeling of a job well done, a citizen put back in their place.

Give Labour another term and your shop will be closed down for NOT VOTING LABOUR.

4 people have spoken:

Dillinger737 said...

That's pretty unbelievably stupid. I hate fat people as much as the next guy but how hard would it be to combat child obesity by saying "no children under the age of _____ without parental supervision or valid ID"? Your big brother appears to more intrusive than our big brother... though the messiah is working on it.

Fidothedog said...

Spot on. Labour should just piss right off out of micromanaging peoples lives.

TheBigYin said...

I did a piece on this seven days after you but I think you said it more succinctly than I ever could. Bloody amazing isn't it, especially in these days of finacial meltdown that these fuckers take great pride in terror tactics to ruin a business dream. Fuck em all, these bastards that ruin lives, the Nazi scum.

Fidothedog said...

BigYin its socialism in action.