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Janet "Porkie" Anderson - Another champagne socialist piggie.

Janet Anderson, MP for Rossendale and Darwen in Lancashire, submitted a claim for £11,996, equating to 41,984 miles. It is the equivalent of 91 round trips to her constituency, or five round trips for each week that parliament sat.

In addition, Mrs Anderson claimed £2,987 in rail fares - enough for at least 11 round trips to her constituency - and £2,693 in air fares, together with another £715 in "miscellaneous" travel expenses.

As well as having the biggest mileage claim of any MP, Mrs Anderson claimed £23,039 for her second home, even though she lives with her partner, Labour MP Jim Dowd, at his constituency home in Lewisham during the week. Mr Dowd, meanwhile, claimed a London Supplement of £2,812 on the couple's home in the capital.
Mrs Anderson claimed a total of £173,556 in expenses and allowances in 2007-8, the seventh highest claim of any MP. It is a huge increase from the £155,610 she claimed in the previous year.
She was unavailable for comment last night.

**Some further details on piggy MP Janet, she voted for keeping the 2nd home allowance. link
Whats even worse she voted to protect MP's from prying eyes.

Oink oink oink and we have another champagne socialist piggy up to their trotters in taxpayers hard earned cash.

3 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Troughing old sow.

Fidothedog said...

Ain't they all, it go's with the party membership.

Anonymous said...

I recently emailed her regarding her being signed up to the so called ''unite against fascism '' gang of thugs

Of course got no reply. Obviously a true believer in Democracy