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Wankergate - Gordon Brown on Jacqui Smith.

Yet another post on this story and in this the term "wankergate" could equally apply to our mono eyed PM Gordon as to Home Sec. Jacqui Smith.

Our PM said that it's a "personal matter" that "must not detract from the great job Jacqui Smith is doing".

Well I shall leave the part about what a great job she is doing for now, that gets mocked enough as it is and point out that it is not a personal matter as he put it. The PM misses the glaring an obvious point that when public money is involved it becomes a matter of public interest. 

Now if Mr Jacqui Smith wishes to view grumble flicks and engage in some onanism that is his own business, but when the Home Sec. pops the bill in for us to pick up the tab then it is our business. 

It is not sufficient for the Home Secretary to plead ignorance, blame her masturbating husband, as these expenses were for her as an MP in order to carry out her job as an MP.  

Then we have her moralising about lap dancing clubs, the sexualisation of women and their portrayal. She has also taken a tough stance against the sex industry, whilst at the same time her husband is in his small way supporting that same trade. Well maybe a long chat with her husband might be more in order before nannying the rest of us in terms of morality.

Also what does it say about the Home Secretary that her husband has to resort to amusing himself with grumble flicks?
From her many conflicting statements she appears to be here, there and sodding everywhere except at home with the husband and children. Yes I know she has a high profile job, long hours working out ever more fiddles and expenses, trips to Peckham kebab shops, her sisters abode etc etc. 

But seriously she has become a joke, an amusement on the internet and a figure of ridicule both at home and more importantly abroad. If Gordon is serious and wants to be taken seriously she has to go.

Not since Miliband made himself look like a complete tool waving that banana about has a senior MP been laughed at so much.

This is how she is seen on the World stage. The media in France has dubbed Britain the ‘United Condom’.

Daily newspaper Le Figaro crowed: ‘You couldn’t make it up! With sex, money and politics, this story is a journalist’s dream.’

France-Soir newspaper said: ‘This is a highly embarrassing business for Gordon Brown. In the current economic climate, ministers claiming expenses for porn films has hardly gone down well with the British public.’

In Germany, the best-selling tabloid Bild jeered about MrTimney: ‘He was alone, he was bored and he had desires!

'And because she set the costs of these two porno films on her expenses list, Jacqui Smith was forced into a crisis-explanation.’

Germany’s business bible Handelsblatt said: ‘Although each of the two porno films cost only £5 the political costs of the evening’s entertainment are not yet foreseeable.’

In the U.S., CNN pointed out that the revelations ‘could not have come at a worse time’ for the minister who is embroiled in a sleaze probe over her second home allowance claims.

And in Greece the story has been heard by millions after it was carried by the state broadcaster NET, commercial TV channels Mega and Antenna, and Skai Radio.

One reporter told the Mail: ‘They have been poking fun at a senior politician paying for her husband’s porn. She has become a laughing stock.’

In Italy, the La Repubblica newspaper wrote: ‘In Britain it used to be said that sex scandals only ever involved Conservatives [who were] more pleasure seeking and well off.
‘Financial scandals involved Labour because they were more moralistic and eager to get rich.

‘It’s difficult to judge in which group Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith falls into - probably a bit of both as the cost of two porn films was put through as an expense of hers.’

Now I have mocked Jacqui's obvious lack of intellect and stated that she displays a jaw dropping lack of intelligence and common sense many many times. 

So look at the above photo from The Daily Mail of one Jacqui Smith popping into naughty underwear seller Ann Summers.(consider the date today) You would think just days after the story broke, that she would think it might be best to postpone this trip. That every hack looking for a story would be following her about. 

Sadly for her the couple of synapses in Jacqui's small brain failed to fire.

Maybe she is looking to spice things up at home, although quite which home that is, is any ones guess?

I wonder what is next, Jacqui gets caught using a glory hole or maybe a ministerial bukkake session? 

Oh loving that tough stance on the sex trade by the way Jacqui....

7 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Please tell me it was gay porn. that would put the icing on the cake!

John A Thomson said...

The porn shouldn't be a big story these days, but it is. It should be the defrauding of public funds by this morally devoid politician, who should be getting investigated by the Serious Crime Squad!

Fidothedog said...

Urban it might well explain her staying over at her sisters place!

Dazed and Confused said...

Hmmmmmm...Jacqui coming out of an Ann Summers shop eh? Whats the date again?

Old Bag said...

something for the weekend, madam?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Embarrasing old bitch has left it too late to resign over this, her electorate will surely consign her to the 'real fuckie fuckie porn cubicle' of history.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

From anon, somewhere down there

"our politicians are basically decent. The bile hurled at them damages us all"
Comments (1056)
Polly Toynbee The Guardian, Tuesday 31 March 2009

This isn't even the beginning of the end. After Jacqui Smith, expect a stream of MP expense scandals drip-fed into papers week by week. Rumours abound: is there a mole in the Commons fees office? Is it a Tory? Is someone selling these scoops? One thing is certain: deep-pocketed tabloids are chasing ministers, hiring Benji the Bin Man-type rummagers, bribing officials or just calculating MPs' property profits from expenses. All parties are in for a roasting. In the autumn every MP's bath plug and lightbulb claim will be published. By bad luck, yesterday saw their pay rise by 2.33% to add to public anger

No Polly, it wasn't bad fucking luck ! They voted for it you daft old cunt.