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New Labour scum soft on crime: Serial criminals given lessons in angling.

Your tax money hard at work. Criminal vermin given fishing lessons and gardening lessons.
Thieves and violent criminals have been enjoying fishing trips under the guise of 'intensive' community punishment, a report said today.

Young offenders spared jail in the name of 'tough' community sentences have also spent their time learning to dig gardens, it found.

Others have attended classes in which they have been taught
how to claim the greatest possible amount in state benefits.

Fishing and gardening classes are among the punishments handed out to criminals under trials of a new £14milllion Intensive Alternatives to Custody system launched by Justice Secretary Jack Straw last year.

Under the scheme, criminals who might otherwise have been looking at sentences of up to a year in jail go on courses which Mr Straw described as 'a combination of unpaid work, electronic monitoring, behaviour programmes, mentoring and help with resettlement all under intensive supervision.'

However the report for the Police Review journal found that judges took a different view of what the IAC scheme should offer to young criminals.

Deputy District Judge Joanne Alderson, who sits in Derby where one of the trials is under way, said: 'This is not about giving criminals nice things to do, but it is important to show them how different life can be.'

She added: 'Some offenders lead extremely chaotic lives and have no idea about time management. Many of them are unable to pick up their benefits, register with a GP or keep an appointment.'

The trials in Derby have involved taking prisoners out to lakes to teach them fishing.

Another project in Dorset has included gardening lessons, in which offenders aged between 18 and 25 have been equipped with seed potatoes, bulbs and other plants.

Classes for criminals on the scheme teach how to claim benefits alongside lessons in booking GP appointments and telling the time.

Oh fucking great. So let me see if I have this right, some thieving fucker has it away with my goods and when caught rather than being put in cell to ponder his wrongdoing, whilst having to sleep with one eye open at night for fear of anal rape; he is in fact off fucking fishing. 

They might as well just close down the entire justice system, hell in all practical terms for the law abiding they have. 

I brought this up with uber-cunt Jack Straw in a post I did here.  The net result was a total of fuck all, Jack seems to be under the illusion that "blogging" and "talking to the unwashed plebs an proles" consists of posting tractorstats.

You want the ear of a politician, okay a shifty fucker but one of the rulers then leave him a comment here. Just don't be holding your breath for a reply, I posted in March and nothing.

Of course justice these days, the whole "tough on crime, tough on the causes of" bullshit is nothing but spin. New Labour badge wearing "ology" students who believe that feral fuckers can be reformed with a group hug, some whale song and a few fishing lessons.

Of course they dress this arsewater up as lessons like this docile comment:
'This is not about giving criminals nice things to do, but it is important to show them how different life can be.'
Fine have the cunts sewing mail bags for 14 hours a day, issue the guards whips an a touch of cat of nine tails if they give any shit. That will teach them how "different life can be.". 

The criminals laugh their arses off at the system that lets them walk time after time and the only ones punished are the law abiding. 

Meanwhile back in the real world crime is on the up.

Home Office figures showed a four per cent leap in the number of domestic burglaries in the final three months of 2008, to 75,600 offences.

And who gets all the aggro of having to sort out replacing the stolen goods, dealing with insurance, replacing locks etc etc; not the criminal that cunts gone fishing at your expense. Whats the best Jacqui Smith can offer us? 15% off at B&Q! Oh joy.

Oh and as for the shiftless lazy cunts in charge like Jack Straw, well the fact that he has not commented on his blog shows he cares not a flying fuck about the views of the public. That he is not willing to debate in any way with them. 

Then we have a certain Ms Smith, she is not likely to be a victim of crime any time soon. What with members of the force stationed outside her abode(or should that be abodes?) Hell if some enterprising scrote did manage to blag either her or Jacks house, I am sure they would be charging us for the replacements.

Well they did the last time...


2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Labour Party my arse!

They have completely lost touch with all reality and the sooner we fuck them off the better.

Criminals? Pah!
Nick a hard working bloke's chattels and you shall be rewarded more like.


Fidothedog said...

I'd bread an water the fuckers.

Full term served an slopping out.