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Andy Burnham leaves confidential documents on train.

Andy Burnham shows he is a makeup wearing hoon fit only for the playground...
The papers, which were marked "restricted", were in a case left behind on Monday morning when the minister arrived on a train from the North at Euston Station, it is understood.

A passenger on the train's next journey recovered the case and handed in to police in Glasgow.
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said that although the papers were classified as "restricted", they did not contain sensitive information.

A spokesman said that a review of the department's security procedures had been prompted by the blunder.

Mr Burnham said: "What happened was unacceptable and I apologise unreservedly(for being a complete an utter cunt and a raging hoon)."

The security breach soon comes after Bob Quick, then Britain's most senior counter-terrorist police officer, resigned after being photographed carrying into 10 Downing Street a secret document containing details of an operation against an alleged al-Qaeda plot.

In June last year an investigation was launched into serious security breaches after two sets of secret papers were left on trains in the same week.

The BBC was handed top-secret documents containing latest intelligence on al-Qaeda, which had been left on a train from London Waterloo to Surrey by Richard Jackson, an official based in the Cabinet Office.

And I asked just the other day what the latest fuck up would be and here it is, some tool of an MP forgetting his papers like a brain dead student after a bong to many the night before.

Still this is the hoon who has a mouth like a fishwife and spead tales on Shami Chakrabarti, who gets the Koran put on the top shelf

Who wanted age rating on the internet for the wee kiddies.

Plus his daft idea on turning churches with low attendance into gyms, restaurants and multi-faith centres. His comments follow his suggestion earlier this month that libraries could benefit from being modernised with coffee bars and abolishing the silence rule. I covered this here  

He voted to keep that lovely second home allowance for MP's.  

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