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Alex "fat cunt" Salmond - Scotlands lardy 1st Minister.

Alex Salmond, Scotland's overweight First Minister, claimed £400 per month for food when the Commons was not even sitting, an tubby ol Alex picks up £145,000 a year in salaries for his multiple jobs.

£400 a month, thats a lot of deep fried Mars bars and haggis!

No wonder he looks a fat cunt.

One embarrassing detail from Mr Salmond's expenses was a claim for an overnight stay at a London hotel in July, 2005. The Commons authorities ''docked'' it by £9 because he had included drinks from hotel room mini bar in his claim.
Mr Salmond also received £54.75 for towels, £540 for bed linen, £650.40 in curtains and £1,093 for a bed and bedding in 2005/06.
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John A Thomson said...

To be fair to Wee Eck, he needs all that food to get up to fighting weight for the bouts with Gordie and his Westmonster croonies, especially Gordie! :-) The vast majority of the little piggies need to gorge themselves and keep gorging! It is very sad that he was still claiming the food allowance.

It is worth point out that Salmond gives the proportion of his MSP salary that he receives away to charity. If it wasn't for some rules in place he may well take the MSP salary and give the WestMinster one to charity. He's also giving his pay rises to charity. Scottish Ministers have also decided to freeze their salaries this year, even although this is automatic and based on increases at WestMunster.

He's not even in the same league as the Nu Laburr and CONservatives with the expense abuses being revealed currently: property developer portfolios, tax evasion, paying for everything in their private life, etc... all on the taxpayer.

Not sure of the problem with the minibar! I've been away on business in the past and had my employer reimburse such expenses as long as alcohol wasn't involved. From reports out on the Internet the minibar expenses were for non-alcoholic refreshments.

The real measure of this is if people in Scotland are outraged at these revelations about the FM - not at all. It is a non story up here in Scotland. The shock and awe coming out of WestMonster are the expenses and behaviour angering the people of Scotland.

See http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/1151580?UserKey=


Fidothedog said...

All I hope John, is he has one deep fried mars bar to many one day.

Calling "Mr heart attack...."