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Stephen Fry - Baying I-Phone loving hoon.

A hat tip to myopic for this one.
Stephen Fry seems to think that MP's picking our pockets of our money is not that important. 

Well, sorry ol' chap but it is. He bleats on about this on BBC Pravda.

Stupidity from politicians we have come to expect, along with them being inept, crass and hell even sexual perversions that would make a whore blush. 

But the sheer fucking greed shown by these thieves would put professional career criminals to shame, designing laws to use asset seizing against us whilst they build up property portfolios out of our cash.

What makes the politicians case so bad and what Stephen Fry misses is, it is these politicians who talk of morality and being hard on benefit crime are now being exposed as frauds themselves.

They pass laws and it is their actions that have beggared industry, thrown thousands out of work and see the state snooping to see if someone is working and claiming, whilst they quite litrally rob millions out of taxpayers pockets.

Mr Fry may well be rich enough not to care, but as someone who has seen his net worth fucking nosedive over the last few years I am rather pissed off with elected officials getting away with legalised theft of my tax money.

I don't have the joy of an expense account to fiddle, something Stephen Fry assumes everyone will do - himself included. Well his great faith in human immorality aside, he comes across as an utter fucking tool out of touch with the great anger felt by us humble plebs and proles.

Stephen also loves the I-Phone, which much like Mr Fry is an over-rated shitpile.

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

Fry is an over-rated, pretentious cock sucking twat who has built the mystique of his talent on being a member of the bender fucking mafia.

Is it any wonder he defends Labour MPs especially when they are all poofs?

Fidothedog said...

He admitted he was an arse on twitter earlier, so point proven. He is an I-Hoon.