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Dennis MacShane (Labour) MP - Blames Tories for the BNP.

Dennis desperate to stay on the taxpayer funded gravytrain by the sound of things....A senior Labour MP has prompted outrage by claiming that the Conservatives had 'prepared the ground' for a surge by the British National Party.

Former Foreign Office minister Denis MacShane said the Tories''xenophobic' attacks on the EU would be to blame if the far-Right party made ground in next month's European elections.

But his extraordinary claim was attacked by the Conservatives, who argued it was Labour's failings which had caused a disillusionment with mainstream politics.

Mr MacShane's analysis also appears at odds with warnings from senior Labour politicians that Government infighting risked allowing a BNP breakthrough.

There are mounting fears the party could win as many as six seats in European Parliament elections on June 4.

That would transform the BNP from a fringe participant in local elections to a national organisation, with up to £2million of EU funding.

Dennis has missed the main points here. 

First off we are in recession, which did not start in America but started thanks to the boom and bust policies of his cyclopedian boss.

Secondly we have seen massive migration inward from both EU & non EU nations bringing in people, all of whom need to be fed, housed and clothed - often at the taxpayers expense. 

Then we have a government that lays on a private jet to fly back a terrorist from Club Gitmo - at taxpayers expense - whilst doing their best to throw out OAP Gurkha soldiers. 

Maybe he was off watching Obama on the telly rather than supporting brave soldiers? As I covered this mad champagne swilling socialist piggy before with regards his telly demands.

Now what is an MP's job? Voting on issues or watching the telly?

Dennis MacShane is having a cry and throwing his toys about because he had to do some work rather than cunting about fawning over the tv coverage of Obama becoming President.
I was saddened to leave Mr Obama's world historic speech in order to feed Conservative isolationism by voting in a division on a vote to take note of European Union policy on the financial crisis. There was no decision impacting on UK law or government decisions but the Tories are so obsessed against Europe they called a division just after Mr Obama had begin his speech. I hope our friends in America take note that David Cameron would rather have UK legislators voting symbolically against Europe rather than listening to President Obama's historic speech.
Still Denis can't complain to much as he did vote to keep that nice second home allowance for MP's.

He also don't like liberties that much having voted for the poorly drafted 42 days bill

Not the first time he has talked wank either.

All in all a typical champagne swilling socialist who would rather live the high life watching telly at our expense, rather than do a days work. 

Very socialist indeed brother MacShane.

All New Labour MP's are thieving lying scum, hiding their expense, expense paid for from our taxes. Part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

The bloke is a fucking prat. As an ex-tory BNP member, from what I have seen I'm in a minority, most used to support labour. Now they hate labour almost as much as I do. Disgruntled tories tend to emigrate,a few (mainly the ageing ones) drift over to UKIP.niefi

Fidothedog said...

Urban, I hate the lot of them, but especially Labour for promising so much and failing on every single point over 12 wasted years.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a toss about independence up here north of the border but we're voting for SNP because 50 years of near continuous Labour rule have brought us nothing.

The SNP got their breakthrough at the Scottish Parliament elections because they were slick and looked capable of governing and if the BNP can get their act together they will be capable of doing the same thing south of the border.