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Labour MP Denis MacShane - stealing from the taxpayers.

Here we go again, another "comrade" marching onward to the socialist utopia of ripping off the proles.....Labour MP Denis MacShane has claimed nearly £20,000 a year in expenses for an office based in the garage of his South Yorkshire home.

The former Europe Minister has claimed £125,000 over the past seven years to cover the costs of running his official constituency base from the shabby-looking garage of his semi-detached home in Rotherham.

His most recent claim was for £18,400.

The £125,000 was claimed over an eight-year period, during which Mr MacShane also claimed about £135,000 in second-home allowances, although it is not clear if any of that went on his Rotherham house.

After initially answering The Mail on Sunday’s questions yesterday, the MP later chose not return calls.

For 2007/08, the Rotherham MP claimed £18,438 in Incidental Expenses Provision – about £4,000 below the maximum allowed – while the year before he claimed almost £21,500.

The figures do not include Mr MacShane’s bill for staff salaries, which have topped £400,000 over the same 2001-2008 period.

I have covered this fucking wanker before when Dennis MacShane is having a cry and throwing his toys about, cos he had to do some work rather than cunting about fawning over the tv coverage of Obama becoming President.
I was saddened to leave Mr Obama's world historic speech in order to feed Conservative isolationism by voting in a division on a vote to take note of European Union policy on the financial crisis. There was no decision impacting on UK law or government decisions but the Tories are so obsessed against Europe they called a division just after Mr Obama had begin his speech. I hope our friends in America take note that David Cameron would rather have UK legislators voting symbolically against Europe rather than listening to President Obama's historic speech.
Still Denis can't complain to much as he did vote to keep that nice second home allowance for MP's.
He also don't like liberties that much having voted for the poorly drafted 42 days bill
Not the first time he has talked wank either.

Maybe the unclean hoon should spend some of his wages on toothpaste, the cunts teeth are yellow for fucks sake.
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Anonymous said...

Throw petrol over the greedy grasping hungry cunts and set fire to them and take the resulting crackling and shove it doon the neck o' the fucking Speaker and hope it chokes the useless auld cunt.

Anonymous said...

Last week, this wanker wrote an article about expenses - bit hasty Mr McShane! (The comments in response are fantastic!)


Fidothedog said...

Piano wire, lynch mob. Problem soon solved.