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ID cards on the high street.

Story from The Mail....Members of the public will be expected to have their fingerprints taken at the Post Office or in high street shops and pharmacies when they sign up for a controversial ID card or passport.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will today announce she wants retailers to record an applicant's most sensitive biometric details, before passing them on to the Government.

She says it will offer a 'local, convenient recording service' which will help keep the ID cards project costs under control.

However, papers to be released by the Home Office today will reveal the bill for issuing ID cards and passports over the next ten years is now £4.945billion for UK citizens and £379million for foreign nationals.

As recently as last October, the bill was £4.785billion for UK citizens and £326million for foreign nationals - £213million less.

Talks over the awarding of a series of lucrative contracts to take fingerprints and facial scans are already under way with the Post Office and the National Pharmacy Association - whose members include Boots.

Miss Smith will tell an audience of business leaders: 'The companies interested in working with us to deliver the service will play a key role in ensuring the public can apply for an ID card or passport simply and easily.

Here is an idea, why not boycott whatever money grasping fuckers decided to suck Gordons cock on this one. Boots for one should they agree to this can fuck the fuck off for any money out of my pocket for a start.

I am sure that these companies do not realise the amount of hatred ID cards bring to people, still hit them in the profit margin and they will.

Still mockery is the best answer, aside from voted the scum out that is. 

Therefore a small bit of Jackboot Jacqui mockery has been done.
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7 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, like that's really going to work.

Apart from the obvious data security problems with people's own personal data, who is going to be responsible for authenticating the ID card user ?

If it's the shop then the old saw that security is only as strong as its weakest point applies ; it only requires one 'dodgy post office' for the ID card to be worse than useless.

How is it going to be *cheaper* to have umpteen recording systems, all of which need to be linked to ID card central and verified ?

Fidothedog said...

Its all going to end in tears for Labour.

Screech said...

brilliant vid, i think i will nick that software off you mate. Can't wait to see the smile slide off the deluded cunts face when she sees the actual numbers of sheeple who apply for that bollocks. Fucks sake there's a recession on, does she really think folk are stupid enough to buy id cards when there is food to be put on the table?

Anonymous said...

I didnt actually appreciate until now what a cunt she is.

Screech - She can't appreciate the recession because it doesnt affect her and her porn watching wanker husband.

Anonymous said...

Jackboot doesn't care whether it'll work or not. She wants to get to know you better. And your associates. And what they get up to. Just in case she might need to know, sometime.

She's a cuuuuuuuuuuuuuunt.

Listen to Mike Savage's podcast - he has her number!


Fidothedog said...

Faust, all Jackboot has done is encourage me and others to give Mr Savage a listen.

After all if she bars him from the UK and dislikes him he might be worth a listen.

Screech said...

im going to check out Savage too, see what she has against him. After i give Jacq boots a swift kick in the cunt on the way