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Ali Baba aka the (not so) Rt. Hon. MP Shahid Malik and his council tax.

Hat tip to The Ranting King Penguin who points out:
Surprise surprise, our shifty little greaser Shahid "mini-Vaz" Malik has claimed an extra thousand quid or so over and above his actual council tax.

Of course, this is just an "honest mistake" and completely inadvertent. After all, his solicitor says so, and he should fucking know shouldn't he, because he's fucking paid to say so..

Why the fucking fuck are we paying the sodding council tax of MP's on any home in their property portfolio's? Seriously they earn £64 grand a year as a back bench MP, that is more than enough to take a hit and stump up some council tax.

Oh an pay their telly licence, cable bills and internet bills.

If MP's had less in perks and paid the same taxes that we plebs do they might be more concerned with delivering value for money in local services.


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Oldrightie said...

It makes poverty of the phrase beggars belief!