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What about free speech Harperson?

Comment spotted on BBC Pravda.
"Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman told GMTV: 'If James Purnell wants to make his decision to leave the government, then that's a matter for him, but he's not entitled to say that the prime minister has to go too'" 
You what love? He can say any thing he damn well pleases. Should he so chose he can word his view of Gordon, or anyone else for that matter; in any way he decides.

Go play with a razor blade you evil harridan.

Miss Harman submitted more than a dozen separate claims for her services between 2004 and 2007.
She initially paid £587.50 for a month’s consultancy in 2004, which rose to £881 a month the following year.

In total, Miss Harman, who, as Leader of the House is a key figure in overseeing the parliamentary expenses system, claimed more than £10,000 for Miss MccGwire’s consultancy costs.

Harperson's B/S don't come cheap.

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

or anyone else for that matter; in any way he decides.

Unless he's black, a paki, muslim scum or a fucking bender...then he can get arrested and put in jail for a very long time.

Old Bag said...

ooooo get harpy! someones been taking notes from jackboots!..think it but dont say it..and we must not offend the great pant pisser in chief, must we? cunt.

oh, and that tosser sugar has been made a member of gordooms' gestapo. bollocks.

i know what you mean about the emailer thing...i used to have one, but couldnt get the fucker to work!..useless piece of shit...sugar is working for the right person, then.