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Baron Sugar of Clapton aka Lord Amstrad of Emailer.

Archbishop Cranmer has done a fine bit on this dubious chap.

So Alan has now given a peerage for his large donation of cash to Labour, er his fine work on The Apprentice series on the telly box, as well as inflicting the fucking awful Amstrad Emailer on the land.

Not that his role working for New Labour will in any way show bias to New Labour, or cause a conflict with the BBC.

Of course Alan who speaks bluntly on honesty in other people, who means all he says, well not quite all as he now regrets slagging off Gordon back in 1992.

This is not, repeat not a peerage for large amounts of cash donated story. Nothing to see here, all above board, all within the rules....

Lord Amstrad of Emailer, another nomination for a rope and a lamppost come the revolution.

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