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Human rights payouts soar for criminal vermin.

Whilst Labour plan to cut the amounts paid out the victims of crime, they are also paying out ever more taxpayers cash to the Labour voting criminal underclass.

Human rights compensation claims by murderers, paedophiles and other dangerous criminals demanding release from jail have reached 'new heights', the Parole Board warned yesterday.
In its annual report, officials warned resources were being 'stretched to the limit' by convicts claiming they had been kept in jail for too long.

The Board's annual report, warning that litigation was costing the equivalent of £100,000 every month, adds: 'This is extremely expensive for the public purse.'

It comes despite repeated promises by ministers to crack down on the compensation culture within jails.

The bill includes legal fees as well as bumper compensation payouts for sex attackers, killers and other inmates considered too dangerous to have been given a fixed jail term.

The so- called Indeterminate Public Protection prisoners are claiming compensation when hearings to decide whether they are safe to release do not take place within an agreed time frame.

Under Labour's Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights, the convicts are successfully arguing they are being unfairly detained.

In unusually blunt language for an annual report, the Board says: '[We have] had a very difficult year in respect of litigation. Numbers of judicial reviews and private claims for damages have reached new heights and have stretched our resources to their limits.

'In the final quarter of the year 2008/09, the Board's total litigation costs were in excess of £300,000.'

Last night Susie Squire, campaign manager at the TaxPayers' Alliance said: 'Obviously it's in everyone's best interests to get a swift resolution to all prosecutions, but the fact that criminals who have committed heinous deeds can pocket thousands of pounds for unavoidable delays is shocking.'

So pay your taxes and when attacked by a Labour voting criminal you get your payment reduced for the "serious crime" of speeding, whilst the criminal will -if he gets a custodial sentence at all - is let out early, given compensation for breach of his human rights and has a raft of state funded non jobs to help him claim his benefits.

A vote for Labour is a vote for more crime and higher taxes.

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