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Illegal migrant barbarian savages get "free healthcare" from New Labour.

Yet more human rights, not for us, don't be silly. We are just the taxpayers who support the non-job state.

NHS treatment will be available for tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers to ensure their human rights are honoured, it was announced yesterday.

At present, they are denied free treatment if an asylum bid has been turned down but they have not left the country.

But a Government U-turn means failed applicants who are destitute or cannot return home 'through no fault of their own', will be entitled to free care.

So despite not paying in to the NHS through taxes, the barbarians will get all the perks of the tax system. New Labour happy to piss your money up against the wall, no doubt voting cards will be issued to them before the next election, to shore up the Labour vote.

Oh and New Labour have also failed to close bogus colleges, despite talking tough for the last 12 years. He has no idea how many there are.

Then there was the New Labour, one million quid scheme to remove illegals that failed. Never mind that some of them could be war criminals.

Plus we have cases like this and this, even the judges dispair on deportation.


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