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New Labour: The poor pay more in tax than higher earners.

Gosh who would have thought that badly planned out champagne socialism would hit the poorest in society the most.

“the bottom fifth of earners pay 38.7 of their gross income in total tax, the next fifth 32.7 per cent, then 34.6 per cent, 35.4 per cent, falling to 34.9 per cent for the top fifth of higher-earning households.”

The reason that the poor pay more in tax than the rich is that indirect taxes, especially sin-taxes, have been so jacked up under Labour. When only direct taxes are taken into account, the bottom fifth only pay 10.8 percent and the top fifth pay 24.9 percent of their gross income in tax.

Simple solution, cut the quango's, cull the uber-public sector and throw 800,000 pen pushing stat counters on the dole at a fucking stroke. Save £250 billion a year, simples.

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