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PCSO's climb through unlocked windows.

Can we close the PCSO's down an spend the cash on something worthwhile?
Police community support officers have startled homeowners by wandering uninvited into their properties during a burglary crackdown.

If doors were left open, the civilian officers - nicknamed 'Blunkett's Bobbies' after the Home Secretary who created them - walked straight into homes.

On occasions, they came face-toface with residents who were pottering around at home in the seaside resort of Hove in East Sussex.

Critics claim the move is an abuse of power and could amount to trespass.

One resident, who came face to face with a PCSO in her home, said she was 'totally shocked' when she met the officer in her kitchen.

Some previous on these fuckers.
As much use as tits on a bull
PCSO's about as much use with policing as Pogo the Clown was with regards childcare.

We also have these gems on the huge waste of time, effort and cash that is the PCSO's:
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